Tay­lor Hill: ‘I’m To­tally Wing­ing It’

The model is cur­rently tak­ing the in­dus­try by storm but it’s as much of a sur­prise to her as any­one else. Look’s Gabrielle Dyer sits down for a chat…

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I never say the words: ‘I have to work out’. I hate that!

With her im­pos­si­bly sym­met­ri­cal fea­tures, it’s hard to be­lieve mod­el­ling wasn’t al­ways Tay­lor Hill’s goal. At just 20, she’s al­ready ticked off what most mod­els could only dream of achiev­ing in their en­tire ca­reer. She’s fronted cam­paigns for H&M and Top­shop and walked for Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret. Plus she’s just added L’oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel Série Ex­pert to her ever-grow­ing CV. There’s no ques­tion: Tay­lor’s time is now.

You’ve been dubbed the most beau­ti­ful girl in the world. How does that feel? I’m so un­aware. I like to feel that I’m still who I was when I was first scouted at 14. Noth­ing else re­ally mat­ters to me be­sides my fam­ily and friends and be­ing a gen­uine per­son. There isn’t re­ally any pres­sure in mod­el­ling. I’m just en­joy­ing it and hav­ing fun. It was an ac­ci­dent, me get­ting here. It was thrown at me and I just went with it. Did you have a back-up plan? I didn’t. Ev­ery­thing I do, I’ve al­ways just taken step by step and winged it! Hav­ing noth­ing to lose makes you not re­ally care where you get but just re­ally happy with what you’re do­ing. When you post a photo on In­sta­gram, do you ever think: ‘Eek, I have seven mil­lion fol­low­ers look­ing at this’? Not re­ally, no. I think a lot of what I do is very or­ganic, as if I’m speak­ing to a friend. Mak­ing it too con­trolled loses the sense of get­ting to know them and them get­ting to know me. I love to be spon­ta­neous about my life. How did it feel to be cho­sen for the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret show? I couldn’t be­lieve it! I thought my agents were pulling my leg. I was like: ‘We just had a meet­ing last week and you said this wouldn’t hap­pen to me for an­other few years – I don’t un­der­stand. What are you say­ing? What are these words?’ And they were like: ‘We don’t know, we’re not kid­ding!’ Have you al­ways been body con­fi­dent? Prob­a­bly not. As a girl, I def­i­nitely had an awk­ward phase. I’m the big­gest nerd in the world. Grow­ing up in the fash­ion in­dus­try where you’re al­ways around artis­tic peo­ple who ap­pre­ci­ate you be­ing there re­ally helped boost my con­fi­dence and be OK with it. Which part of your body do you like most? I’d have to think about that one. I’d say, in gen­eral, just love your­self. That’s the one thing I’ve learned and try to ex­press to my fans. I don’t overdo it. I never say the words: ‘I have to work out.’ I hate that. Do you have to work hard at your body? Peo­ple hate me but I’m al­most 6ft tall so where does it all go? That’s the thing I think a lot of peo­ple don’t reg­is­ter – mod­els are very tall. In pho­tos you might not be able to tell, but I’m 5-7in taller than most women. I do work out be­cause I like it. I used to be a com­pet­ing gym­nast. I work out for my men­tal well­be­ing. How do you find time to see your boyfriend [Michael Shank, 31]? It’s more about find­ing a bal­ance. We’ve been to­gether for some time and we re­ally know each other. We love and care about each other. Per­fect date night? Pizza and a movie. Some­thing re­ally ex­cit­ing like a thriller. I’m re­ally an­noy­ing – I’m al­ways like: ‘What’s go­ing to hap­pen?’ and he’s like: ‘I don’t know!’ Are there any neg­a­tive ef­fects of shar­ing on so­cial me­dia? I don’t think so. I try not to fo­cus on any­thing neg­a­tive be­cause as soon as you do, it’s all over from there. In­sta­gram shows the spe­cial, fun parts of life as if I was a reg­u­lar per­son. I just do what I do and ig­nore ev­ery­thing else. What do you do to re­lax? I like to sleep a lot so for me, catch­ing up on my sleep is huge for my beauty rou­tine. More than seven hours, ev­ery­body! Who’ s your ul­ti­mate style or beauty icon? No one in par­tic­u­lar – I think all women should em­brace their own beauty. I would never want to try to be some­one that I’m not be­cause I’ll never be them. You have amaz­ing hair. What’s your se­cret? My mum rec­om­mends a hair­cut ev­ery four weeks, just a lit­tle trim – half an inch will keep it shiny and fresh. I shot the Série Ex­pert for L’oréal and my favourite prod­uct is the En­forcer. It’s tar­geted to­wards break­age and dam­age. A hair trim doesn’t al­ways hap­pen for me so I felt like oh my God, this thing is per­fect for my life! If you could have a life­time sup­ply of only one beauty prod­uct, what would it be? I don’t know, I can’t pick one! Coconut oil, the Lancôme’s Én­ergie de Vie and a hy­drat­ing, nour­ish­ing lip mask. One for ev­ery part of my body. If you could go back in time and tell your­self some­thing, what would it be? For sure, just be your­self, no mat­ter how you feel that day, no mat­ter how you think you look or what­ever tough things you’re go­ing through... I was su­per-awk­ward and re­ally shy and I had glasses. Don’t fo­cus on the lit­tle things so much – let them go. How do you deal with feel­ing run off your feet or stressed? I try to take care of my­self. Take a shower, eat some­thing – what­ever you’re crav­ing, just eat it. And go to bed. Those are the three things that change your per­spec­tive. If you’re dirty, hun­gry and tired then noth­ing can go great! Who did you last call? My brother, three times – and he didn’t an­swer!

L’oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel Série Ex­pert is avail­able at lead­ing hair salons

She’s been with model boyfriend Michael since 2015

@tay­lor_hill has 7m In­sta fol­low­ers and count­ing

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