And Breathe…

HIIT classes are great, but a new book claims that breath­ing could aid toning, too. Try these lung-bust­ing moves…

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Ex­hale Pul­sa­tions

Short, sharp ex­hales work your ex­ha­la­tion mus­cles. Pull the abs in so it feels like mus­cles are pulling your belly button deeper into your body than ever be­fore. Now, pre­tend you’re blow­ing out a row of can­dles on a cake across a ta­ble. You will in­hale slightly but fo­cus on blow­ing out air. The in­ward scoops of the belly should hap­pen at ex­actly the same time as you’re ‘blow­ing out can­dles’.

Ad­vanced Ex­hale Pul­sa­tions In Table­top

Get down on all fours. Pre­tend you’re a ta­ble, stay­ing com­pletely still ex­cept for your belly, which you should let drop. Re­lax your body without bend­ing your el­bows. Now, ex­hale in pulses and ‘pick up your belly’. See how far you can bring up your belly un­til you can feel a burn. How many times can you con­tract?

Step Ex­hales

Take a big belly breath in. Max­imise the in­hala­tion; pack in as much air as you can. Hold for a few sec­onds, then when you feel you need to ex­hale, let out a lit­tle air. Pause. Let out some more. See how long you can draw it out un­til your stom­ach is scooped out.

Breathe: The Sim­ple, Rev­o­lu­tion­ary 14-Day Pro­gramme To Im­prove Your Men­tal And Phys­i­cal Health by Dr Belisa Vranich (£12.99, Hay House UK)

Take a deep breath, make like a tree and re­laaaaxxxxxx…

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