Liv­ing room moves

No idea where to start? Give these poses a go…

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Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Re­v­erses the ef­fects of sit­ting in a chair for too long by de­vel­op­ing leg strength and re­leas­ing ten­sion in the hip flex­ors. Desk bun­nies, this one’s for you.

1. Stand with your feet to­gether, heels touch­ing.

2. Bend your knees. Lean weight into heels.

3. Lift arms along­side ears. Look up.

Plank Pose

Helps cre­ate an even dis­tri­bu­tion of weight. Tones arms, legs and abs.

1. From all fours, lift your knees off the floor and press into Down Dog (like an up­side-down V.)

2. Lean for­wards into your hands so shoul­ders are above wrists.

3. Reach back through your heels, up through your thighs, back through your tail­bone and for­ward through the crown of your head.

4. Make sure your weight is on your knuck­les and you’re lift­ing out of your wrists.

Sir­sasana (Head­stand)

Flushes out the lym­phatic sys­tem, stim­u­lates the me­tab­o­lism, calms the ner­vous sys­tem and tones all the body’s mus­cles. But take it slow and go at your own pace.

1. In­ter­lace your fin­gers, fore­arms on the floor.

2. Place the back of head to­wards your wrists on the floor.

3. Straighten legs, walk feet to­wards your face.

4. Bend both knees into your chest and bal­ance.

5. When steady, bring both legs over­head.

NB This can be done against a wall.

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