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FOL­LOW­ERS: 39.1k pi­lates in­struc­tor lot­tie mur­phy says she loves bal­anc­ing wine with green smooth­ies (green veg with avo, mint and lemon, fyi). she’s pretty much our dream bff.

Pi­lates queen ‘i work out four to five times a week with a body- weight rou­tine, then a Pi­lates mat work­out and yoga stretches. i love con­di­tion­ing move­ments us­ing my own body weight and re­sis­tance bands. The com­bi­na­tion of Pi­lates and yoga makes me feel strong.’

PRE -and POSTWORKOUT FOOD ‘i’ll have a matcha latte be­fore a work­out. af­ter, i love a smoothie with ba­nana, al­mond but­ter and ve­gan vanilla pro­tein or poached eggs on rye bread. i have a sweet tooth, so i eat a lit­tle dark chocolate ev­ery day. ’

Me-time ‘i’m big into my skin­care so this is my me-time ev­ery night, and i read ev­ery day. The only time i feel i re­ally switch off is with friends with a glass of red wine, laugh­ing all night, or at the cin­ema. i love es­cap­ing into a great film.’

Lot­tie’s Mantra: ‘Bal­ance, pos­i­tiv­ity and sim­plic­ity’

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