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‘i al­ways add weights to any body-weight move­ments to make them more chal­leng­ing,’ says Jen. ‘i com­bine body-weight move­ments, re­sis­tance train­ing, Hiit and timed rest to help build and strengthen the lower body.’ Want a go? Try in­clud­ing this quick cir­cuit while you’re at the gym…

1 20 Sec­onds of deep lunges On al­ter­nat­ing legs, step forward into a kneel­ing po­si­tion and let your back leg drop to the floor, be­fore driv­ing up with the forward leg. 10 sec­onds rest

2 20 Sec­onds of Squats Stand straight with feet hip-width apart. En­gage the core. With shoul­ders back, lift your chest and lower down as if sit­ting. Keep­ing weight in the heels, stand up and squeeze the glutes. Add a weighted bar to re­ally up the ante. 10 sec­onds rest

3 20 Sec­onds of kick­backs On all fours, lift the right leg, keep­ing knee bent and foot flexed. Lift to hip level then lower back down with­out touch­ing the floor. Re­peat for 10 sec­onds, then switch legs for the fi­nal 10 sec­onds. Re­peat this set x 20

Jen Sel­ter is com­ing to London for fit­ness expo Fit­con, 21-23 April. Tick­ets available at fit­

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