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FOL­LOW­ERS: 12.2k Snack queen Rosie Millen is on a mis­sion to help women with no en­ergy. Cur­rently re­cov­er­ing from adrenal fa­tigue, Rosie knows the im­por­tance of nu­tri­tion for well­be­ing.

#Ge­treal No.1 Eat Lit­tle And Of­ten

‘Adrenal­fa­tigueis wheny­ouhave sig­nif­i­cantstressover along­timepe­riod;it putsabur­de­nony­our adrenal­glands.iavoid food­sthatza­pen­ergy like­sugar,caf­feine­and al­co­holan­deat­ev­ery three hours keep blood glu­cose up.’

# Ge­treal No.2 Stress-free Work­outs

‘The amount I work out varies de­pend­ing on my en­ergy lev­els, but typ­i­cally it’s about three times per week. I’m to­tally ad­dicted to yoga, though, as it’s the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of chal­lenge and de-stress all at once.’

#Ge­treal No.3 Ditch The Sugar

‘Swap the choco­late bars for pro­tein bars. The pro­tein fills you up for longer so you won’t pick and also gives you sus­tain­able en­ergy through­out the day so you’re less likely to ex­pe­ri­ence a sugar crash.’

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