‘We should be en­joy­ing food!’

Dr Hazel Wal­lace is a PT with a passion for nutri­tion. She’s got some nifty ways to get us mov­ing more and eat­ing more healthily…

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DON’T… Re­strict Your­self

‘Food should be some­thing we en­joy. You should never feel un­happy or re­stricted. ban­ning cer­tain foods in­creases the risk of binge­ing.’

DO… Have Dessert

‘I never tell any­one to cut out any food groups. I in­clude ev­ery­thing – I eat cho­co­late ev­ery day af­ter din­ner! maybe skip the whole slab for the week lead­ing up to your hol­i­day, but that’s it.’

DON’T… Have A Cheat Meal

‘I al­ways get asked: “What’s your cheat meal?” I don’t think of my meals as cheat meals; if I want a pizza, I’ll go out and have a pizza, but I don’t do that all the time.’

DO… Cook For Your­self

‘make sure that you’re cook­ing from scratch and hav­ing bal­anced meals. That will stop you from reach­ing for snacks. Plus you’ll be more con­scious of what you’re eat­ing.’

DON’T… Over-ex­er­cise

‘Do three work­outs a week; a mix­ture of strength- based ex­er­cises and high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing. I do com­pound move­ments, such as squats and dead­lifts, and I’ll use body-weight moves for my HIIT.’

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Stretch­ing af­ter a work­out helps mus­cles re­cover

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