‘Ken­dall And I? We Just Binge-watch And Eat Thai Food’

Celeb squads, strange beauty treat­ments, so­cial me­dia detox­ing… Look’s Gabrielle Dyer takes an un­prece­dented look into Hai­ley Bald­win’s life As you get older you re­alise peo­ple aren’t per­fect

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If you’re won­der­ing whether Hai­ley Bald­win looks like she does in her In­sta­gram photos, the an­swer is yes. Yes she does. As soon as we sit down to chat with the 20-year-old It girl in Paris, we re­alise that, un­like other celebri­ties, she def­i­nitely doesn’t edit her photos.

Daugh­ter of Hol­ly­wood ac­tor Stephen Bald­win, BFFS with Ken­dall Jen­ner and Bella Ha­did and a model for la­bels such as Ralph Lau­ren and Dolce & Gab­bana, she’s a so­cial me­dia sen­sa­tion – and it’s easy to see why. Af­ter all, amass­ing 9.9m In­sta­gram fol­low­ers doesn’t just hap­pen to any­body.

Now, in her role as L’oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel INOA and Pro Fiber am­bas­sador, Hai­ley is con­fi­dent, cool and re­fresh­ingly hon­est. Miss Bald­win means busi­ness…

Hi Hai­ley! How does it feel to be the face of such a pres­ti­gious brand? Great! The L’oréal Pro­fes­sion­nel team and I have been ex­per­i­ment­ing with my hair, try­ing out lots of dif­fer­ent looks. I dyed my hair three times dur­ing three days of shoot­ing. There was a darker shade, a bright blonde and a neu­tral caramel. It was cool, that’s for sure. Your so­cial me­dia fol­low­ing is crazy. How does it feel to share your life with so many peo­ple? I en­joy giv­ing peo­ple a real glimpse of my per­son­al­ity and life. I try to post both work and per­sonal things I think are funny and that I like. Do you ever feel that one day you might take a break from it all? I did at Christ­mas. I had to shut it off, it was too much. I was kind of go­ing through some stuff. I didn’t want to be on [so­cial me­dia]. How do you deal with trolls? You have to ig­nore them. I used to re­spond to peo­ple, but that just makes it worse. That’s the prob­lem, peo­ple get at­ten­tion for it, and that’s what they want. Who do you look up to most in the mod­el­ling in­dus­try? Su­per­mod­els from the past – Christy Turling­ton, Clau­dia Schif­fer and Cindy Craw­ford are still killing it! If you woke up with a mas­sive spot the day be­fore a show, what would you do? Oh, I’m so psy­cho about my skin. First, I’d freak out, like: ‘Did this re­ally hap­pen?’ I take good care of my skin, so it doesn’t usu­ally hap­pen. I have medicines from der­ma­tol­o­gists I can use, but you have to be pa­tient. What is the weird­est beauty treat­ment you’ve ever had? I use a lo­tion from one der­ma­tol­o­gist, who came and took blood from my arm. It was spun in this ma­chine that sep­a­rated the blood cells, then they cre­ated a cream just for me. I feel like that is pretty pe­cu­liar! Do you have one prod­uct you couldn’t live with­out? Co­conut oil. On In­sta, you like to go make-up­free, but equally you can look re­ally glam. Which do you pre­fer? I pre­fer go­ing nat­u­ral. I ac­tu­ally think I’m pret­tier with less make-up. When do you feel most beau­ti­ful? When I’m fresh off a va­ca­tion in the sum­mer, when I’ve worn no make-up every sin­gle day, in salt wa­ter and just not try­ing at all. Do you have a stand­out, hi­lar­i­ous beauty fail you look back on and think: ‘This wasn’t a good look’? Blue eye­shadow and no eye­brows. What was I think­ing? I plucked them like crazy when I was younger, but they grew back. Thank God! Have you al­ways been body-con­fi­dent or is that some­thing you’ve de­vel­oped along the way? I def­i­nitely had to learn how to take care of my body. When I was a bal­let dancer I didn’t have to worry about it, but when I stopped I needed some­thing else to keep me fit. Now I do a bit of box­ing and Pi­lates. How of­ten do you work out? Prob­a­bly not as of­ten as I should, but it’s re­ally hard. What’s your worst habit? I bite my nails. It’s so bad. One of my friends used to tell me: ‘If you come around here with cracked nail pol­ish, I can’t trust you. Girls that let their nails get cracked don’t care about them­selves.’ I said: ‘Shut up! I’m go­ing to smack you. You’re go­ing to yell at a girl for cracked nail pol­ish?! There are lots of things I could yell at you about!’ You’re close with Ken­dall Jen­ner. Do you get to hang out with her of­ten? Prob­a­bly more than peo­ple think. A lot of the time I’m in LA, so I’ll stay at her house. We have loads of fun. We or­der in food, and she has a re­ally nice theatre so we’ll watch movies and TV shows. I re­mem­ber over the hol­i­days, prob­a­bly for, like, three days, we just binge-watched stuff. One night we watched scary movies, then an­other we watched Not­ting Hill and ate Thai food. How many tat­toos do you have? Six­teen. The one on the side of my wrist was my first tat­too – the date of my par­ents’ wed­ding. Which tat­too holds the most mean­ing to you? There’s a cou­ple. I also have my sis­ter’s mid­dle name on my back. I have a ‘G’ be­hind my ear for a friend of mine’s daugh­ter, who has a brain con­di­tion. Sim­i­larly, I have some that mean noth­ing and were for fun. You’re re­li­gious. How im­por­tant is your faith in daily life? It’s prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant thing. That and my fam­ily. What’s the one thing about grow­ing up that peo­ple never tell you? As you get older, you start to see peo­ple for who they are. Peo­ple aren’t per­fect, and you can’t ex­pect back what you give to oth­ers. That’s some­thing I’ve learnt over the past year. Like, the way I act to­wards peo­ple and to­wards friends, they don’t al­ways re­cip­ro­cate it.

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