EUR-IKEA! How Frakta Got Fash

Peo­ple are turn­ing IKEA’S iconic Frakta bag into pieces of cloth­ing that wouldn’t look out of place on the (likely Vete­ments) cat­walk…

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The age we live in is one of irony, es­pe­cially where fash­ion is con­cerned. Not even the most sea­soned trend fore­caster could have pre­dicted that last year a T-shirt with de­liv­ery heavy­weight DHL’S logo slapped across it would reach It item sta­tus among those in the know (and who should def­i­nitely know bet­ter). Sim­i­larly, 2017 has its very own WTF fash­ion item. Just last month, Ba­len­ci­aga re­leased a new £1,365 cobalt-blue tote which so­cial me­dia was quick to point out bore a strik­ing re­sem­blance to IKEA’S Frakta bag, priced at a more rea­son­able 40p. See? IRONIC. Now, how­ever, the car­ryall is dom­i­nat­ing news­feeds once again as crafty types are re­work­ing the iconic IKEA bag into items such as face masks, wal­lets and thongs. Yes, thongs. To our sur­prise, some of them are ac­tu­ally work­ing for us: the bralet, for one, isn’t too far re­moved from some­thing you’d find on Zara’s rails. Nor are the side-stripe trousers. And that cap wouldn’t look out of place worn with a Supreme hoodie and jeans. Who knew the over­sized bag you’ve had shoved un­der your sink for the past three years could pack such a style hit?


Über-cool in­te­ri­ors brand HAY is re­design­ing the Frakta in a classy green-grey combo as part of a hotly an­tic­i­pated col­lab with the frugal fur­ni­ture gi­ant. We can’t wait to see the crafty cre­ations it’ll spark when it hits IKEA shelves come Oc­to­ber…

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