prosecco, A few bot­tles of of the giddy feel­ing love in the air and just sud­denly things ‘ac­ci­den­tally’ hap­pen…

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‘At a fam­ily wed­ding a few years ago, a crowd of us de­cided to stay in a B&B the night be­fore. It hap­pened to be over a pub. Nat­u­rally, we all had a few drinks that night and things got quite messy. The next day we were all a bit worse for wear and my un­cle had to keep dis­ap­pear­ing for ‘long walks’ round the venue’s golf course to clear his head. The re­cep­tion room had floor-to­ceil­ing win­dows look­ing out, so while the groom was mak­ing a gush­ing speech about his new bride, all any­one could see was my un­cle heav­ing on all fours and throw­ing up in the lake. The fact that the geese took an in­stant dis­like to him and chased him down the green made my day. I didn’t stop laugh­ing for about a month…’ Pippa, 28

‘I in­vited my new part­ner to my cousin’s wed­ding, but he was so ner­vous he got wasted, then thought it would be hi­lar­i­ous to move my mum’s chair as she sat down. She fell down and re­ally hurt her­self.’

Amie, 20

‘I was wait­ress­ing at a big coun­try wed­ding last year and the mar­quee was so, so hot, mak­ing my hands sweaty. Just as I was serv­ing the top ta­ble, the tray slipped out of my hand, send­ing roast beef and gravy down the back of the bride’s dress. She was ac­tu­ally OK with it and laughed it off, but I had to run away from the mother-of-the-bride, who was prac­ti­cally breath­ing fire. That ended my ca­reer in wait­ress­ing.’ Hannah, 25

‘I ac­ci­den­tally trod on the bride’s train when we were danc­ing at the re­cep­tion and her dress tore. She was so, so

an­gry at me. I’m still not def­i­nitely sure she’s for­given me.’

Luella, 33

‘As a brides­maid at my best mate’s wed­ding, I was wear­ing a rather un­sup­port­ive strap­less dress. I started danc­ing with her three­year old niece and was hav­ing fun, un­til lit­tle Flora de­cided to yank my dress. My boobs popped out right in front of the fa­therof-the-bride and his mates. My friend’s dad ac­tu­ally choked on a sand­wich he was eat­ing. I’ve never been so mor­ti­fied.’ Gemma, 24

‘You’ve seen noth­ing un­til you’ve been at the posh­est wed­ding of your life, only for one ine­bri­ated guest to wan­der up to the top ta­ble – dur­ing the speeches, no less – pull down her knick­ers and uri­nate on the floor. Her friend dragged her out but it lit­er­ally left ev­ery­one speech­less.’ Vicky, 30

‘We were at my friend’s beau­ti­ful Ital­ian wed­ding, the weather was per­fect and sunny, the set­ting was stun­ning. The groom looked great… The best man less so. It turns out that the guys had been hav­ing a few beers the night be­fore the big day and he’d hit it a bit too hard. Just be­fore the bride started walk­ing up the aisle, he just keeled over and threw up ev­ery­where. When the bride got to the al­tar, she was faced with the groom try­ing to kick gravel over the place where the best man had thrown up. Luck­ily, ev­ery­one was in stitches. And the best man hasn’t been al­lowed to for­get it!’ Tiff, 29

‘I used to work at a ho­tel where there’d be a wed­ding ev­ery week­end. Once, I was pour­ing red wine into the groom’s glass and ac­ci­den­tally tipped the bot­tle down his white shirt. Luck­ily it missed the bride, but it was still re­ally ter­ri­ble.’ Laila, 24

‘I wanted my sis­ter to have the per­fect wed­ding day, and, as maid of hon­our, put my­self in charge of clear­ing up the venue the next day. But, er, then I got a lit­tle tipsy. Not only did it mean I had to leave early, my neigh­bour of­fered to give me a lift in her new car but I ended up throw­ing up ev­ery­where. When I did get home, I ended up sleep­ing through the en­tire thing the next day and she had to clear up her own wed­ding. She’s never let me for­get it.’ Mel, 27

‘At a wed­ding I went to, the best man spent the whole speech talk­ing about the bride’s ex. There was no punch­line. Just lots of star­ing at plates. It was so cringe­wor­thy. Later in the day, the groom kept talk­ing about the “one that got away”. So awk­ward.’ Ali, 30

‘I once got so smashed at a wed­ding that when I nipped out to use the loo dur­ing the groom’s speech, I stum­bled and knocked over a huge ce­ramic plant pot – which shat­tered into a thou­sand pieces. I later over­heard his mum telling ev­ery­one how I’d ru­ined the speeches. I haven’t touched white wine at a wed­ding since.’ Ge­or­gia, 32

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