Down With The D

Don’t ne­glect your sup­ple­ments; there’s a rea­son why vi­ta­min D should be your new BFF

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It might feel like summer now that the sun’s been shin­ing, but your vi­ta­min D lev­els could still be low. Dr Sarah Jarvis says this nu­tri­ent is es­sen­tial for healthy bones as well as boost­ing im­mu­nity and help­ing ward off de­pres­sion. Pub­lic Health Eng­land says we need 10 mi­cro­grams (μg) of vi­ta­min D a day, but get­ting this through food alone is harder than you think…

Eat Up…

To hit daily re­quire­ments, you’d need to eat one serv­ing of the fol­low­ing ev­ery day *gulp* ●1 por­tion of oily fish** ●6 boiled eggs ●10+ tins of tuna ●7+ bowls of ce­real for­ti­fied in vi­ta­min D ●10 rump steaks 10+ lamb’s liv­ers 13+ lumps of re­duced-fat spread Sarah rec­om­mends opt­ing for a sup­ple­ment in­stead. Try Ful­tium Daily D3,£3.99 for 30

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Can’t we just sun­bathe?

Sarah says sun­light in the UK just isn’t strong enough to give us all the vi­ta­min D we need.

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