How To Be A Won­der Woman, IRL

When it comes to feel­ing fear­less in any sit­u­a­tion we’re chanelling the orig­i­nal *fist pump* fe­male role model, Won­der Woman. Get in­volved...


1 stretch your skills

Won­der Woman might have the mar­tial arts edge (Sword fight­ing? Tick. Deadly Com­bat train­ing? Tick.) but what’s your USP? Find your strength or take your pas­sion to the limit – whether it’s join­ing a sports team, or do­ing an on­line course. You have the power...

2 make That move

Want to make some big changes in your life? Mov­ing for­ward al­ways calls for de­ci­sive ac­tion. ‘You need to ap­ply rea­son, logic and in­tu­ition while con­sid­er­ing val­ues and past ex­pe­ri­ences,’ says life coach Mikaela Pugh. ‘Ask your­self: what is the worst thing that can hap­pen? What is the best thing that could hap­pen? What will hap­pen if I don’t make this de­ci­sion? If your an­swers sway in favour of you mak­ing the de­ci­sion, do it!’

3 Take con­trol

Things you need to re­solve at work or in your re­la­tion­ships? ‘Do your best to work through the is­sue, but first take some time to sit and watch thoughts and feel­ings aris­ing within,’ says Oli Doyle, au­thor of Mind­ful­ness at Work.

‘Al­low them to be there, but don’t let them con­trol your re­sponse. Let them pass be­fore at­tempt­ing to ad­dress the is­sue.’

4 over­come your fears

Fear and anx­i­ety can be over­whelm­ing and even suf­fo­cat­ing. Although you might not feel like it, fac­ing your fears is the best way to fight them. Imag­in­ing the worstcase sce­nario and weigh­ing up the like­li­hood of this hap­pen­ing can also help erase fear­ful thoughts. Our top tip: ask your­self what you’d tell a fel­low Won­der Woman in the same po­si­tion...

5 Build in­ner strength

Ev­ery su­per­hero knows how to find her in­ner war­rior when she needs to – and you’re no dif­fer­ent! Try look­ing back on how you’ve dealt with tough sit­u­a­tions in the past and re­mind your­self of how re­source­ful and ca­pa­ble you ac­tu­ally are. Stay fo­cused on your clos­est family and friends and lean on them when you need to – ask­ing for help IS a sign of strength and hav­ing al­lies on your side is al­ways a win­ner. You are more pow­er­ful than you know!

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