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Most of us know that we should ex­fo­li­ate be­fore fake tan­ning, ap­ply to clean skin and that hot show­ers, sweat and oil are im­me­di­ate post­bronz­ing no-nos. How­ever, you might not re­alise that buff­ing on a layer of talc be­fore you go to bed can stop you stain­ing your sheets with tan. Read on for more pro tips youõll wish youõd al­ways knowné

. Avoid ir­ri­ta­tion

Wax 48 hours be­fore fake tan­ning so that the pores will have closed and any wax residue will have been rinsed off the body. Pre­fer shav­ing? Do it the day be­fore you tan to avoid red­ness. Look loves Gil­lette Venus Em­brace Sen­si­tive Ra­zor, £9.99, as it’s per­fect if you’re wor­ried about any ir­ri­ta­tion.

. Mois­turise

Your el­bows, an­kles, knees, feet and hands de­velop darker than any­where else, so us­ing an oil- free mois­turiser prior to tan­ning will give a more even fin­ish.lookloves Estée Lauder Bronze God­dess Whipped Body Crème, £34.

3. CRE­ATE A Claw

To get self-tan in your knuckle creases, bend your fin­gers so your hand looks like a claw. If you cover all the body’s nooks and cran­nies, your tan will look more nat­u­ral when you move.

. GO slow

Fake tan looks more ef­fort­less when ap­plied grad­u­ally, so try a light layer three days be­fore your event and assess how it de­vel­ops be­fore build­ing up colour with an­other layer the next day. The longer you take to ap­ply your tan, buff­ing and get­ting all the right ar­eas, the bet­ter your colour will be. St Moriz Ad­vanced Pro For­mula Dry Oil Self Tan­ning Mist , £9.99, Su­per­drug, is a great, build­able shade.

. Stop at your an­kles

Avoid overly tanned feet and hands by ap­ply­ing a lighter amount of faux tan to­wards your wrists and an­kles. Mix in a small amount of tan with your hand cream for sun-kissed hands and blend with your body mois­turiser for lightly bronzed feet. But al­ways ap­ply us­ing gloves or a mitt. Try Ae­sop Res­ur­rec­tion Aro­ma­tique Hand Balm, £19.

. pro­tect your hair­line

Hav­ing a spray tan? If you’re fairskinned, blonde or a red­head, ask your tan­ner to ap­ply mois­turiser or Vase­line around the hair­line and over your eye­brows be­fore you’re sprayed. Vase­line Lip Ther­apy, £2.99.

8. close your pores with peas

Just like dry patches of skin will ab­sorb colour, so will open pores. Rub a bag of frozen peas over your legs be­fore you ap­ply self-tan­ner to pre­vent loads of lit­tle brown spots from ap­pear­ing. The cold will help to close any en­larged pores.

. Make your own back Mitt

Long-han­dled body brushes are great for ex­fo­li­at­ing your back, but they can also help you with tan­ning that hardto-reach area. Sim­ply put your mitt – cov­ered in fake tan – over the bris­tles and ap­ply colour down each shoul­der and over the mid­dle. Ge­nius, right? We love Cherry Lane Bath brush, £1.99. Combine it with St Moriz 5 In1 Ad­vanced Pro For­mula Tan­ning Mousse, £7.99, Su­per­drug – the smooth tex­ture glides over the body, mak­ing it easy to ap­ply.

10. Stop Stain­ing your Sheets

Jor­dan Cook, St Moriz’s ex­pert tan­ner says: ‘I find that if you buff in a lit­tle bit of talc lightly all over your body be­fore bed, this stops any trans­fer and doesn’t make the tan any lighter.’

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