Get Ped­alling!

Com­mon­wealth Road Race cham­pion Lizzie Ar­mit­stead, 28, is our go-to for all things bike. This fit­spo trains for three to five hours every day! Here, she shares her se­crets of cy­cling suc­cess…

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Why cy­cle?

‘It’s an all-over work­out,’ says Lizzie. ‘Your legs are worked the most, and you need good core sta­bil­ity so you’re not wob­bling around.’

lizzie’s 20-min bike work­out

5 mins – Cy­cle on what­ever re­sis­tance feels com­fort­able to get your legs warmed up. 8 mins – Pro­gres­sive. Go up a gear every minute. To make this harder week by week, start off on a higher re­sis­tance. 5 mins – Five sprints. Turn the re­sis­tance up, get up out of the sad­dle and go as hard and as fast as you can for 10 sec­onds. Then rest for 50 sec­onds be­fore go­ing again. 2 mins – Cool down.

stretch be­fore and af­ter…

‘Es­pe­cially the ham­strings,’ ad­vises Lizzie. ‘Do­ing a core sta­bil­ity ses­sion is more im­por­tant than stretch­ing; you can get a bad back if your stom­ach mus­cles aren’t strong enough. To strengthen your core, try do­ing plank vari­a­tions and lunges with dumb­bells.’

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