10 min­utes to… Deal With Desk­mates

Shar­ing a ta­ble or row of desks with some­one can be fun – or a to­tal night­mare. Here are four ways to make your work friend­ships last…

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1 Team up

You might be sat near the loud­est/qui­etest/most an­noy­ing per­son but pair up on a project to un­der­stand them and make your life eas­ier.

2 Cre­ate a par­ti­tion

That’s right, Lord Of The Fliesstyle. Draw a line across the desk and in­sist that any ob­jects cross­ing that line will ei­ther be de­stroyed or re­pos­sessed. It may sound ex­treme but you’ve got to be strict other­wise you might find your desk­mate’s mess spread­ing like wild­fire across your work space. Set­ting bound­aries will keep your friend­ship tight in the long run. Hon­est.

3 The head­phones pol­icy The like­li­hood is that you’ve been forced to co­habit with some­one else be­cause your roles are linked in some way. In or­der to keep bick­er­ing and dis­trac­tions to a min­i­mum, en­force the head­phones pol­icy. That’s to say, do not dis­turb the head­phones wearer un­less it’s im­por­tant.

4 Push for hot-de­sk­ing

As in all close re­la­tion­ships, from time to time you’ll need to es­cape your desk part­ner. Hot-de­sk­ing and flex­i­ble work­ing hours are be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar in all sorts of work­places, so do take ad­van­tage of th­ese new ways of work­ing or re­quest that your boss en­forces this style of seat­ing once a week on a trial ba­sis.

Set the rules so your col­league’s stuff doesn’t en­croach on your ter­ri­tory

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