25 Ways To Use bio-oil (That’s 35p Per Use* FYI!)

We’re sure you al­ready know all about celeb-loved Bio-oil and its mag­i­cal abil­ity to re­duce stretch marks, but this cult beauty buy works more won­ders than you know! Read on for oil the uses…


as an anti-age­ing face oil. Its po­tent mix of skin-boost­ing vi­ta­mins plus nat­u­ral hy­drat­ing oils ticks off ev­ery­thing on the ‘Ex­cel­lent Fa­cial Oil Check­list’.

Its light­weight, dry con­sis­tency makes Bio-oil a god­send for dam­aged hair. Use a lit­tle to seal dry, split ends.

Use as a nail and cu­ti­cle treat­ment. Just mas­sage a small amount onto your nails and the vi­ta­min E will keep ’em strong.

It beats dry skin in an in­stant. Use as a daily body mois­turiser, or add a cou­ple of drops to your reg­u­lar lo­tion as a booster.

It fades scars and un­even skin tone. Plus be­cause Bio-oil is non-come­do­genic, it won’t block your pores and lead to spots. Given that it’s a non-greasy for­mula, it’s great for sen­si­tive skin! At the end of a long day, run your­self a warm bath and add a cou­ple of drops of Bio-oil for a mois­tur­is­ing, nour­ish­ing, re­lax­ing treat.

It sorts out dry el­bows like noth­ing else. Mas­sage on and that tough skin will soften within two days. Use it to cre­ate a light­weight base for sum­mer. Mix a drop or two into your foun­da­tion for weight­less cov­er­age. Use as a make-up primer and it will en­sure your foun­da­tion is even and not at all patchy. Win­ner.

Dab­bing a lit­tle onto pulse points dur­ing a stress­ful day will help you to stay calm.

Blend with pow­der bronzer to cre­ate a dewy glow, or add to eye­shadow for a creamy fin­ish – per­fect for hols! Use as a pre-shave treat­ment to soften skin and pre­vent cuts. Ap­ply over the top of a spot to soothe and heal.

It takes your make-up off! Clear kohl liner and nour­ish your eye area at the same time.

Ap­ply to dyed hair be­fore tak­ing a dip to pro­tect it from chlo­rine


Say farewell to tired eyes. Ap­ply Bio-oil un­der your peep­ers to help re­duce those pesky dark cir­cles. Mas­sage into legs in up­wards, cir­cu­lar mo­tions to help re­duce the ap­pear­ance of cel­lulite. Rub into sun­burn to pre­vent peel­ing and soothe skin. Finger­comb through hair to tame fly­aways and hy­drate. Smooth on all over be­fore show­er­ing to pre­vent hard wa­ter from dry­ing the skin.

Dab onto freshly plucked eye­brows to soothe and min­imise red­ness.

Itchy scalp? Add to sham­poo to stop ir­ri­ta­tion and flak­ing. It cleans make-up brushes. Who knew? Use on lips to help mois­turise and pre­vent chap­ping, es­pe­cially in colder weather.

Treat ex­tradry skin af­ter a long­haul flight. Just ap­ply to af­fected ar­eas.

The cult beauty buy has a host of celeb fans…

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