7 Ways To Leave Work on Time

Now the sun’s started shining, it’s time to make the most of it. We can help you leave the of­fice more quickly…

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1 SET AN ALARM When you’re in the mid­dle of a piece of work, it’s very hard to just shut down when the clock strikes five – you tell your­self that you’ll leave af­ter one more task. Set an alarm 15 min­utes be­fore the end of the day so you can start clear­ing your desk.

2 TRICK YOUR BRAIN if you set a dead­line 30 mins be­fore you ac­tu­ally need to leave, you’re more likely to fin­ish, as some­thing al­ways ‘crops up’. this time allows last-minute things to be sorted and you’ll still go home on time.

3 MAX­IMISE YOUR HOURS Be­cause you’ve set your dead­line, you have lim­ited time, so you’ll need to fo­cus on the min­utes you have left in the of­fice. Take fewer cof­fee breaks and ap­ply your­self – when you leave at 5pm you’ll feel ac­com­plished and ap­pro­pri­ately tired.

4 GET SOME FRESH AIR don’t work through lunch if you can help it. ok, we un­der­stand, but even if you only man­age 10 min­utes of ‘out­side time’, do it. it re­sets your brain.

5 LEARN TO SAY ‘NO’ It’s OK to be as­sertive if you think you’re being over­loaded with work. Say ‘no’ to those ex­tra ‘im­me­di­ate’ tasks in a firm but po­lite man­ner and ex­plain why. You’ll be re­spected for it.

6 DE­FINE YOUR TIME it can be hard to switch off and fo­cus on one task if your emails are con­stantly flow­ing in. Check them ev­ery 30 min­utes, or set your­self a half an hour pe­riod ev­ery two hours to blitz through a bulging in­box.

7 THERE’S VERY LIT­TLE THAT CAN’T WAIT UN­TIL TO­MOR­ROW Few things are as ur­gent as we make them out to be. Pa­tience is a virtue and as soon as you start pri­ori­tis­ing what’s worth giv­ing your life up for, you’ll find your­self closer to achiev­ing an idyl­lic work-life bal­ance.

Still check­ing work emails? Tut tut…

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