The big Bey-bey Drama

The ar­rival Bey­oncé cel­e­brate While Jay and threat­en­ing is fam­ily drama of their twins, the happy oc­ca­sion… over­shadow to

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if you haven’t been chok­ing into a cup of tea while scrolling through the hi­lar­i­ous Bey­oncé and Jay Z memes this week, where have you been? Mu­sic’s ul­ti­mate power cou­ple have been the source of some of the fun­ni­est vi­ral GIFS we’ve seen in ages Ð and it’s all thanks to the ar­rival of her twin ba­bies, who were re­port­edly wel­comed into the world two weeks ago. But de­spite the fact that it’s sup­posed to be a happy time, the mum of three is said to be feel­ing tense about the fam­ily drama that’s threat­en­ing to over­shadow her special time.

‘Bey­oncé’s first days with the twins has been far from the dreamy, up­beat ex­pe­ri­ence she’d imag­ined,’ says our source. ‘She re­ally wanted the ar­rival of the ba­bies to be a mo­ment of wa­ter­shed, when all the cou­ple’s fam­ily and friends would come to­gether and put any bad vibes from the past be­hind them, but in­stead it’s ex­posed some cracks.’

Those ‘cracks’ hark back to the re­ported dis­con­tent be­tween Jay and Bey­oncé’s sis­ter Solange. The pair were fa­mously seen on CCTV footage hav­ing a phys­i­cal and ver­bal al­ter­ca­tion in an el­e­va­tor fol­low­ing the 2014 Met Gala.

De­spite hav­ing a very close re­la­tion­ship usu­ally, we’re told things are fraught be­tween hus­band and wife Jay, 47, and Bey, 35, at the mo­ment, thanks to his and Solange’s con­stant dis­tance – and it’s said to be ‘sig­nif­i­cantly’ af­fect­ing Bey­oncé’s happy time.

‘Solange has been around a lot since the twins were born, but Bey­oncé thought it would bring her sis­ter and Jay closer to­gether,’ says

an in­sider. ‘But they’re both co­or­di­nat­ing their sched­ules and vis­its around not bump­ing into one another. Bey’s been plead­ing with Jay and her fam­ily and friends to sort out their dif­fer­ences and let the past go.’

Another source adds: ‘Bey feels she’s the one stuck in the mid­dle of all these mini feuds and agen­das and that it’s all so un­nec­es­sary.’

Our sources tell us that the only per­son who is re­ally help­ing is Bey’s mum Tina Knowles. One in­sider re­veals: ‘The only per­son al­lowed 24/7 ac­cess to Bey­oncé is Tina, who’s been hands-on.’ Tina’s been there for Bey since the fam­ily were re­leased from a West Hol­ly­wood hospi­tal fol­low­ing the twins’ ‘slightly pre­ma­ture birth’.

‘Tina’s been as­sist­ing Bey­oncé at home as she re­cov­ers and han­dling all the gift de­liv­er­ies from fa­mous friends for the twins,’ re­veals our in­sider. Bey’s said to be lean­ing on her mum while she’s stuck in the mid­dle of the mini feuds.

‘As far as Bey­oncé’s con­cerned, the ar­rival of the twins her­alds a new start and she wants all the bad feel­ing from the past to sub­side,’ adds our source. ‘But Jay isn’t back­ing down and with so many peo­ple want­ing to visit and see the ba­bies, things are only go­ing to get more tense in the com­ing weeks.’

Bey is said to be ‘plead­ing’ with Jay to put past up­sets be­hind them

Bey’s mum Tina has been help­ing with the new ar­rivals

Solange and Jay Z no­to­ri­ously fought in a lift af­ter the 2014 Met Gala

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