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With the weather hit­ting new records, it’s of­fi­cially san­dal sea­son. So whether you’re preen­ing your feet at home or head­ing for an in-salon pedi, here are Look’s Ul­ti­mate Pedi­cure Rules that ev­ery girl needs to know...

Global nail tech­ni­cian Mar­ian new­man re­veals her top tips for mak­ing toes look A-list-ready…

don’t trim toe­nails straight Across ‘Never cut your toe­nails straight across as it puts too much stress on the nail plate. Make sev­eral small cuts across with a clean, sharp clip­per.’ use A de­cent file ‘Toe­nails may be harder than fin­ger­nails, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less gen­tle when it comes to fil­ing. Round the cor­ners ever so slightly to pre­vent sharp cor­ners cut­ting into the skin.’ buff ridges ‘Your big toe­nail is sus­cep­ti­ble to ridges but these are eas­ily smoothed out with a buf­fer. A shiny, flat nail also makes nail pol­ish stay put for longer.’

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