15 Things Ev­ery­one Knows About Sum­mer Sales shop­ping

Who can re­sist a bar­gain? Not us. But find­ing that must-have at half price can be harder than you think…

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1 It Gets Sweaty

It’s 30 de­grees out­side and yet for some rea­son ev­ery store has its heat­ing on. Sales shop­ping is all about get­ting sweaty and earn­ing that bar­gain buy. De­odor­ant at the ready…

2 The Chang­ing Room Rail Will Be­come Your BFF

All sea­soned shop­pers know that the chang­ing room is where you might just spot that must-have peas­ant dress in the size you need. Even if you do end up hold­ing up the en­tire queue just so you can root through.

3 Ruin You Will Your Make-up

We ad­vise skip­ping the fake tan be­cause it’s al­ways that floaty white dress that fits per­fectly that’s cov­ered with some­one else’s foun­da­tion on the neck­line...

4 You Will Hate Your BFF For An Hour

Fight­ing over the same item or worse, hav­ing her buy the ex­act same dress you’re buy­ing = awks friend­ship times. It’s not worth it, guys.

5 You’ll Want To Try It All

Sales drive us into a frenzy and sud­denly we want to try ev­ery­thing on. Which means leav­ing half of it with the sales as­sis­tant and then that awk­ward back and forth in your bra. So stress­ful...

6 There Will Be An Awks Mo­ment

The size you need has al­ready been clocked by some­one else. You will fol­low her around like a mad­woman to get it and stare at each other awk­wardly un­til one of you even­tu­ally loses.

7 You Will Buy That Top In The Wrong Size

When they’re out of stock, who hasn’t con­vinced them­selves that a shirt three sizes big­ger will fit? Only to re­turn it a week later when you re­alise it’s hu­u­u­uge. But you just wanted it so much…

8 You Might Get In­jured

Repet­i­tive strain in­jury is real and can be in­duced by too much sales click­ing. For on­line shop­pers, a warm-up may help. Re­peat af­ter us, clench hand and re­lease, clench and re­lease.

9 From A Some­thing To A Noth­ing

You’ve been look­ing at that top ev­ery day for a month, it’s been in your on­line bas­ket for­ever and now it’s in the sale for half price – hur­rah. But de­spite imag­in­ing 10 dif­fer­ent out­fit sce­nar­ios, when it ar­rives it just doesn’t look the way you ex­pected. Sigh.

10 Flats Are The Only Way To Go

Tee­ter­ing on heels in be­tween sales sure­fire racks is a way to a sprained an­kle from trip­ping on the pile of items dis­carded by another in­con­sid­er­ate shop­per. Wear flats and win.

11 Af­ter-work Sales Shop­ping Is Al­ways Hell

The ‘I’ll just pop in’ idea post-of­fice isn’t fun. The rule with sales is get there early, but some­times a last-minute dash is the only way. It’s just an­noy­ing when ev­ery­one has the same idea and there’s noth­ing left in your size...

12 You Need Sched­uled Breaks

Shop­ping is a sport and there­fore rest stops be­tween stores is a must. Spend­ing a third of your cash on iced lat­tes is just some­thing you need to fac­tor into your al­lo­cated sales shop­ping bud­get.

13 Buy­ing Some­thing Ran­dom Seems Like A Good Idea

Elec­tric blue leather skirt? Sure, that’ll slot into your min­i­mal­ist Scandi-themed wardrobe. What is it about sales that con­vinces us of these things? FYI, we’ll tell you how to avoid this in Look’s sales special next week!

14 With You Will Leave 20 Things For The Beach And Noth­ing To Wear To Work

Denim shorts, cro­chet biki­nis, a pineap­ple-printed play­suit. Hmmm... Dress down Fri­day, any­one?

15 The Jour­ney Home Is The Worst Part

Ex­pect to look like a full-on shop. bag lady by the third can do. There’s noth­ing you into Also ex­pect to be wedged the some­one’s armpit in that cor­ner of the bus. Ac­cept this is part of the deal.

Sales shop­ping is one way to test your friend­ships

The chang­ing room rail is full with pos­si­bil­i­ties

‘How many items can I take in again...?’

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