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Hif you’re whites counts for noth­ing aving per­fectly straight pearly is placed prop­erly. So much im­por­tance not look­ing af­ter your teeth is in need of as a na­tion our oral health on cos­metic den­tistry, but floss reg­u­larly, per cent of adults use den­tal im­prove­ment. Less than 25 never flossed their teeth. Shock­ingly, while one in three peo­ple has Shadrooh, den­tist at de­cay, so we asked Dr Mi­lad 31 per cent of adults have tooth keep de­cay at bay... what we should be do­ing to Che­quers Den­tal Surgery, ex­actly you visit How of­ten should den­tist/hy­gien­ist? the be­fore they be­come a reg­u­larly, as we can spot is­sues ‘You should visit your den­tist you have lim­ited treat­ment hurt, be­cause at that point prob­lem and things be­gin to but twice a year is at least once a year as a min­i­mum, op­tions. I would rec­om­mend months, too – some in with the hy­gien­ist ev­ery six what you should aim for. Book pa­tients come in ev­ery six weeks.’ gums? do to pre­vent bleed­ing what should you be­tween your teeth ef­fec­tively twice a day and clean­ing ‘Make sure you’re brush­ing with your den­tist stat. still caus­ing an is­sue, book in us­ing floss. If your gums are gum disease ap­point­ments will help com­bat Hav­ing reg­u­lar scale and pol­ish in the long run.’

should i use? which tooth­brush places and the as it gets into harder-to-reach ‘I rec­om­mend an elec­tric tooth­brush proven that for brush­ing for long enough. It’s al­lot­ted time makes sure you’re as per the timer must brush for two min­utes, a more thor­ough clean you on elec­tric tooth­brushes.’ floss, and are some of­ten should you How oth­ers? flosses bet­ter than floss picks for those at least once a day. I rec­om­mend ‘You need to clean in­ter­den­tally gaps, use in­ter­den­tal their teeth. If you have larger with small gaps in be­tween [£4 for a pack of 10]. Us­ing brush in­ter­den­tal clean­ers brushes, like den­tek’s easy Try to choose a flu­o­ride­floss, makes it eas­ier and quicker. a floss pick, rather than roll long-last­ing pro­tec­tion.’ coated prod­uct for max­i­mum, be us­ing mouth­wash? should ev­ery­one but not as a re­place­ment spe­cific things like bad breath, ‘Mouth­wash can be used for clean­ing rou­tine. it along­side a brush­ing and in­ter­den­tal for brush­ing and floss­ing. Use bac­te­ria that causes it, you need one that tar­gets the If you suf­fer from bad breath, from the bac­te­ria on per cent of bad breath comes not just one that masks it. Ninety orabrush [£5.20].’ to get rid of it is with a den­tek your tongue, so the best way is best? which tooth­paste flu­o­ride. Flu­o­ride stops brand, as long as it con­tains ‘It doesn’t re­ally mat­ter what sur­face of the teeth.’ and helps to strengthen the early cav­i­ties from pro­gress­ing teeth be­ing so sen­si­tive? How can i stop my means some­thing more by an ex­posed nerve, which ‘Sen­si­tiv­ity can of­ten be caused – def­i­nitely see your un­der­neath the tooth’s sur­face se­ri­ous could be hap­pen­ing help your plight.’ with potas­sium ni­trate may den­tist. If noth­ing’s amiss, tooth­pastes

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