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As if wrin­kles weren’t enough to con­tend with, another bless­ing that old age brings is that a lot of peo­ple find their teeth start to grav­i­tate to­wards the mid­dle and be­gin to cross over. And at 31, hav­ing had pretty much per­fect teeth all my life, I sud­denly found my­self sit­ting in den­tist Dr Rhona Es­kan­der’s chair ask­ing about how I could fix the two guys at the front – who were, quite frankly, get­ting a lit­tle too close for com­fort.

For the first month of my In­visalign jour­ney I had clear trays that popped in and out when­ever I fan­cied and I found my­self think­ing: ‘Hey, this is easy!’

But then the ridges were fit­ted and, I’m not go­ing to lie, the ex­pe­ri­ence was pretty hor­rific. I’m sure I cried as I left the clinic and won­dered what the hell I’d done.

Rhona was an in­valu­able sup­port to me and that evening I re­ceived a What­sapp from her, say­ing: ‘This is the time when most peo­ple have a mini break­down, but trust me, you’ve got this!’ She def­i­nitely made me smile, even if it was a tad painful.

The first few weeks of hav­ing them in place were sore and I ac­tu­ally found that I wanted to wear my trays all the time as the ridges cut my lips. Yeah, not fun! But it got eas­ier.

My mouth be­came used to the alien ob­jects and the sores were sud­denly no more. As the months went on, In­visalign bud­dies started pop­ping up ev­ery­where and I re­alised I was one of many, which made the process so much eas­ier.

I learnt tricks like us­ing den­ture-care pills for a thor­ough clean and car­ry­ing a por­ta­ble elec­tric tooth­brush with me at all times (thank you Sonic Chic, you life­savers!). Plus, as I saw friends fin­ish their treat­ments with en­vi­able re­sults I be­gan to get re­ally ex­cited.

So here I am in the present day and my smile is fixed. Was it worth it? Yes, 100 per cent! I love my teeth and I still look like me, just a lit­tle bet­ter. OK, pos­ing for pic­tures wasn’t my favourite thing to do for eight months and my bank bal­ance took a huge hit, but I’ll grin at any­one and any­thing these days – even bad jokes (sorry, Dad!).

I’ll grin at any­one and any­thing these days

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