‘I’m An Old-fash­ioned Dater’

We caught up with tele­vi­sion pre­sen­ter Caro­line to talk Twit­ter trolls, her re­cent re­la­tion­ship detox and whether she’d do Celebrity Love Is­land…

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hat­ting to Caro­line Flack is a lot like catch­ing up with one of your mates – and since Love Is­land re­turned to our lives, it’s fair to say our ob­ses­sion with the show – and Cazza – has spi­ralled. Fi­nally, the 37-year-old TV pre­sen­ter is back on form, look­ing cool AF, to­tally flaw­less and giv­ing us a weekly round-up of all the rows, re­cou­plings and mug­gings off within the villa.

While Caro­line seems hap­pier than ever, it hasn’t been an easy year. Af­ter ad­mit­tedly jump­ing be­tween relationships since her twen­ties, she put her­self on a ‘re­la­tion­ship detox’ – which, dur­ing our chat, she says she needed. But while Cazza openly re­veals to Look that she’s not see­ing any­one in par­tic­u­lar, she does have some pretty strong views about on­line dat­ing – and it’s not what you would ex­pect.

Aside from hav­ing a bit of a rough time, she’s feel­ing bet­ter than ever – and FYI, she looks in­cred­i­ble. Is she body con­fi­dent? Yes – and this time around she’s not wast­ing her time fret­ting over Twit­ter trolls ei­ther…

Hi Caro­line! We’re lov­ing the new se­ries of Love Is­land. Do you ever get a crush on any of the guys? No. My pro­fes­sion­al­ism kicks in and I think: ‘This is my job.’ Would you have ever gone on Love Is­land? I imag­ine that when I was 18 I’d have looked at Love Is­land and thought: ‘I’d do that!’ Would you ever have sex on TV? No! I don’t think I could. Not on tele­vi­sion. I think, for me, those mo­ments are best left be­hind closed doors. What about a Celebrity Love Is­land – would you do that? No. I think this is one of the rare re­al­ity shows where it ac­tu­ally works bet­ter with peo­ple we don’t know. You get to know them and be­come in­vested in the show. Do you have a Love Is­land What­sapp group? I’m in loads with my friends, weirdly. All my mates climb out of the wood­work this time of year when they want to get the in­side gos­sip. I hear from peo­ple I haven’t heard from in a while and they want to know all the stuff that’s go­ing on. You’re look­ing re­ally good – how do you stay fit? My friend and stylist Fiona has been try­ing to do Barry’s Boot­camp-style work­outs with me. We do planks for five min­utes, then we’ll see the sun’s out and go and sit by the pool. I try! Last year you did a su­gar detox. Have you done any­thing like that this year? No, I’ve just kept it up since then. I’ve found a happy bal­ance. I haven’t cut it out com­pletely. I don’t think I could keep that up for­ever. You’ve been on a re­la­tion­ship detox. How do you think that’s helped you? I needed to do it. I think it was just re­ally healthy to take a break. I’ve jumped from re­la­tion­ship to re­la­tion­ship since my twen­ties and I needed to re­set my brain. I re­con­nected with girl­friends and friends I hadn’t seen for ages. It sounds re­ally cheesy, but it worked. Did it help you work out what you want in a per­son? Yeah, ex­actly that. Do you feel more con­fi­dent now on the dat­ing scene? Maybe it’s con­fi­dence in know­ing what I want, rather than con­fi­dence in my­self – but yes, def­i­nitely. Would you ever try on­line dat­ing? I’m not against it, but I’m much more of a chem­istry per­son. I don’t think you can feel chem­istry on­line. Say­ing that, mil­lions prove me wrong – I’ve got friends who are mar­ried who met on­line. I’m not dat­ing any one in par­tic­u­lar at the mo­ment, but I am dat­ing. It’s fun. There is old-fash­ioned dat­ing still out there, guys. It still hap­pens! When you worked on The X Fac­tor, peo­ple were un­nec­es­sar­ily cruel about your body – are you con­cerned about that now? No. It gets to the point with Twit­ter when you re­alise every­one’s go­ing to have an opin­ion – and they’re al­lowed to have one. Are you feel­ing body con­fi­dent? Yeah, I feel good. Are you in touch with any­one from last year’s Love Is­land? I’m still in touch with Olivia Buck­land – she’s been on Af­ter Sun. I think the new se­ries brings back mem­o­ries. Af­ter all, she met her fu­ture hus­band [Alex Bowen] on the show. When cou­ples break up, does it up­set you? Def­i­nitely. It’s like one big fam­ily, so I feel I’m a part of it. It’s like see­ing your friends break up – never nice.

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