5 Ways To Be­come a morn­ing Per­son

Can’t drag your­self out of bed to get to the of­fice on time? Then fol­low our ad­vice...

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1 GET ENOUGH SLEEP (OBVS) The cast-iron rule of the early bird. Seven to nine hours is med­i­cally rec­om­mended but loads of us aren’t get­ting this due to our hec­tic life­styles. The rest your body needs to func­tion can only be had from proper sleep – re­ally zonk­ing out for a good night, not just a few hours to recharge. Don’t try to beat your body. You will not win.


SNOOZE, YOU LOSE It’s time for the big­gest break-up of your life: you and the snooze but­ton are never, ever get­ting back to­gether. Ac­cord­ing to sleep ex­perts it ac­tu­ally makes you more drowsy as your ‘snooze nap’ doesn’t al­low you to back into deep sleep. Jump out of bed and try the ‘in­verted snooze’ tech­nique, where you do hit the but­ton but get out of bed in­stead. It gives you a chance to wake up be­fore a quick cof­fee in bed. But ab­so­lutely no doz­ing off, OK?


OUT­AGE In­stead of zap­ping your brain into a frenzied over­load each night be­fore go­ing to bed, do some­thing that doesn’t digi­tise your senses into in­duced in­som­nia. That means: put the screens away and give your cir­ca­dian rhythms a rest. Read a book, or talk to your house­mates or part­ner – any­thing!

4 CON­SIS­TENCY IS ALL-IM­POR­TANT Keep­ing to a strict sleep­ing sched­ule is para­mount for mak­ing the most of those morn­ings. This doesn’t mean bed­time has to be kept to by the minute ev­ery day – just to the hour or so. Try­ing to claw back late nights with week­end lie-ins could in­duce so­cial jet lag (see Look.co.uk for more info), con­fus­ing your body clock and putting your sleep­ing pat­tern out of whack for the up­com­ing week. 5 WHAT’S YOUR MO­TI­VA­TION? De­fine your mo­tive for get­ting out of bed promptly and you’ll find that you’re far more com­mit­ted to the early morn­ing cause. Maybe you want to be up at a cer­tain time to get fit, or per­haps it’s to get to work early so you can clock off an hour be­fore you nor­mally do. What­ever it is, make sure it’s a rea­son good enough to nudge your head off the pil­low when that alarm starts bleep­ing.

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