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Ask any­one how to burn fat or lose weight and the an­swer is often: fewer carbs, more ex­er­cise. Of course, that may be all well and good for a quick fix, but when it comes to some­thing sus­tain­able and healthy, com­plex carbs such as sweet pota­toes, ba­nanas, beans and brown rice are im­per­a­tive. There are a few things to look out for when it comes to de­ter­min­ing how much of the starchy stuff you should be nosh­ing on. 1) Fa­tigue Are you con­stantly tired? Carbs, please. 2) De­hy­dra­tion Do you strug­gle with headaches? Carbs will help you ab­sorb and re­tain wa­ter. 3) Colds Kleenex taken over Kiehl’s in your make-up bag? Dr Carby Mc­car­ber­son can help you out.

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