11 What­sapp Groups Every BFF Squad Has

We prob­a­bly spend more of our time com­mu­ni­cat­ing with friends via our phones than we do in real life. When it comes to stay­ing in touch, you all know these groups, don’tcha?

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Obvs, your num­ber one What­sapp group is ded­i­cated to your life­long best girls. And while you might lit­er­ally dis­cuss every topic un­der the sun, this is the place where big news breaks. We’re talk­ing en­gage­ments, which mate from school is now preg­nant with triplets and screen­shots of how gross your ex-boyfriend has be­come in the last two years.

2 Roomies

Depend­ing what kind of re­la­tion­ship you have with your house mates, this could be the What­sapp group you dread the most. yes, you’ve left the dishes un­washed, yes, you for­got to take the bins out, no you haven’ t stuck to the clean­ing rot a .* si­lences group and moves out*

3 [Insert Name]’s Birth­day

One in around 20 tem­po­rary What­sapp groups are set up to dis­cuss se­cret birth­day plans, presents and screen shots from ASOS. All well and good un­til you post on the wrong group and to­tally ruin some­one’s birth­day. #oop­sies

4 Work Hunz

you can mes­sage each other from across the room and dis­cuss im­por­tant mat­ters such as: can i get away with do­ing the walk of shame to work? (aka please can one of you bring me in a change of clothes?)

5 Brides­maids

OK, we take it back. This could be the What­sapp group you dread the most. Prob­a­bly set up by the bride, you’ll be in­un­dated with mes­sages, screen­shots of dresses you think have been sug­gested as a joke and dates you must book off work im­me­di­ately. You’ve typed out ‘Stop mes­sag­ing me’ 15 times but just can’t bring your­self to press send…


Set up by your fel­low brides­maids to rant and rave about the above-men­tioned bride. you love her ,but SRSLY, what has she turned into. amirite?

7 Hen Mad­ness

Started by you or one of the other brides­maids to plan a night of mad­ness, strip­pers, shots and pe­nis straws. There’s al­ways one who sug­gests some­thing civilised like a spa and af­ter­noon tea. No, hun, no.

8 Come Dine With Me

your at­tempt at be­ing so­phis­ti­cated and ven­tur­ing into the world of adult din­ner par­ties. in re­al­ity, it’s just your mates tak­ing the piss out of you for not be­ing able to make fa­ji­tas.

9Sin­gle Pringles

You love all your mates, but some­times you need like-minded peo­ple to send those aw­ful Tin­der screen­shots, to rant about how ev­ery­oneis cou­pled up and to send drunken voice notes while your first date hor­ror story is in the bath­room. All girls in this group should ap­ply for next year’s Love Is­land.


Set up to plan your next big mates’ hol­i­day – where you’ll go, where you’ll stay, the ra­tio of fit men and whether all-in­clu­sive is a good idea (pros: un­lim­ited al­co­hol; cons: ex­tra dol­lar). ex­pect tril­lions of ho­tel screen­shots, po­ten­tial bikini op­tions and that one mate who’s mega-or­gan­ised (read: kind of an­noy­ing).

11 Fam

The fam­ily group, usu­ally made up of your im­me­di­ate fam­ily mem­bers, set up to dis­cuss im­por­tant is­sues such as re­mem­ber­ing birth­days, when you’re next com­ing home and gos­sip about next door’s dog. Also serves as a re­minder to be very care­ful about send­ing the right mes­sages to the right peo­ple…

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