Atomic Blonde

It’s the ul­ti­mate ac­tion movie, set to storm the box of­fice…


What’s the story? Set dur­ing the Cold War, un­der­cover MI6 spy Lorraine Broughton is sent on a mis­sion to Ber­lin to in­ves­ti­gate the mur­der of her col­league. There she meets Bri­tish agent David Per­ci­val and the pair form a re­luc­tant (and of­ten rocky) al­liance to over­come a dan­ger­ous ring of spies. Who’s in it? Char­l­ize Theron plays Lorraine (and obvs, to­tally smashes it) while James Mcavoy co-stars as David. The film also fea­tures Sofia Boutella and John Good­man. Why should I care? Char­l­ize is kick-ass bril­liant as spy Lorraine and James is just oh-so in­cred­i­ble as usual. This film is ac­tion-packed, with a side of sex­ual chem­istry and steamy scenes. Date night., mate night – what­ever kind of evening you’re plan­ning, we reckon it’s a win­ner. Out 9 Au­gust Ver­dict:

John Good­man and James Mcavoy co-star in the film (15)

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