Prob­lem: Blue Light Makes Skin Age Faster

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HEV light pen­e­trates to deeper lev­els of the skin than UV rays, mean­ing it has the po­ten­tial to dam­age cell struc­ture and ac­cel­er­ate skin age­ing.


Beauty brands are start­ing to of­fer prod­ucts with high an­tiox­i­dant lev­els that fight the dam­ag­ing free rad­i­cals caused by HEV that lead to prob­lems like pig­men­ta­tion and en­larged pores (to name a few)...

Prime time

De­signed for peo­ple ex­posed to city pol­lu­tion, MAKE Moon­light Primer, £46, pro­tects skin from the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of HEV light. It uses ma­rine al­gae to fight against free rad­i­cals while also hy­drat­ing and mat­ti­fy­ing your com­plex­ion.

Pol­lu­tion Pro­tec­tant

Treat skin tok­iehl’ s Ci­lantro & Orange Ex­tract Pol­lu­tant De­fend­ing Masque, £29. It bright­ens dull skin caused by pol­lu­tion and con­tains an­tiox­i­dants to pro­tect against en­vi­ron­men­tal ag­gres­sors.

screen saviour

Whether it’s air pol­lu­tion or con­stant screen check­ing, Wei Beauty’s Multi-ac­tion An­tipol­lu­tion Mist, £16, will leave skin with a pro­tec­tive veil of free-rad­i­cal-fight­ing an­tiox­i­dants, bright­en­ing vi­ta­mins and glyc­erin.

Desk Mate

Keep a bot­tle of AMLY Dig­i­tal De­tox, £42, by your desk at all times. The hy­drat­ing ma­rine ac­tive sand en­er­gis­ing oils pro­tect skin from ox­i­da­tion and pre­ma­ture age­ing, while the nat­u­ral woody, flo­ral scent calms and clears the mind.

SPF With Ben­e­fits

Packed with in­gre­di­ents that tar­get en­vi­ron­men­tal fac­tors and SPF 30, NIOD Sur­vival 30, £25, pro­tects skin against pol­lu­tion, smog, and in­frared and blue light. Ap­ply this after cleans­ing for all-day pro­tec­tion.

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