Prob­lem: Blue Light Dis­rupts Our Sleep

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As well as the dam­age caused by just merely spend­ing time look­ing at screens, HEV light can also af­fect our sleep. By con­stant ex­po­sure to screens through­out the day, our body clock gets con­fused and doesn’t re­alise when it’s ac­tu­ally day or night­time. This causes our bod­ies to not re­lease the hor­mone mela­tonin (which al­lows us to be­come sleepy and get a good night’s rest).

It’s at night that our skin re­pairs it­self, re­moves harm­ful tox­ins and re­places aged skin cells with healthy new ones. Which is why, when we have a bad night’s sleep, our skin looks dull, puffy and lack­lus­ter when we wake up!


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