5 Hacks To Max­imise Your phone BAT­TERY Life

It’s 3pm, you’re on 10% bat­tery and you’ve got work emails to send. Night­mare. You’ve done the usual tricks – but there are more ways to pre­serve your power when you need to beat your pro­fes­sional peak…

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1 the 50 per cent rule there’s a myth that you should let your phone bat­tery drain com­pletely be­fore charg­ing, but this is ac­tu­ally the worst thing you can do and can shorten your bat­tery’s life span, mean­ing per­for­mance will rapidly de­cline. Ac­cord­ing to Bat­tery univer­sity (yep, that’s a thing), you should be charg­ing your phone when it drops to 50 per cent.

2 set­tings it’s easy to close down your apps and re­duce your screen’s bright­ness, but don’t for­get about the other set­tings you can change to pre­serve bat­tery life. Be sure to turn off Blue­tooth and nonessen­tial no­ti­fi­ca­tions. even turning off vi­bra­tions and re­duc­ing your phone’s auto-lock time can make all the dif­fer­ence. 3 up­dates ARE KEY We’reso guilty of choos­ing ‘re­mind me later’ when we get an up­date no­ti­fi­ca­tion. But, as a rule, up­dates are sup­posed to fix nig­gling bugs and in­crease per­for­mance, so try not to fall be­hind on them.

4 push Email Be­hind the scenes, your phone is con­stantly check­ing for new emails. if you don’t need this fea­ture, change the set­tings so your de­vice checks them less of­ten.

5 Avoid Ex­treme tem­per­a­tures Ap­par­ently, phones hate ex­treme tem­per­a­tures and ex­pos­ing your de­vice to over 35 de­grees can per­ma­nently dam­age the bat­tery (which is why they get se­ri­ously p***ed off when you leave them bask­ing in the sun). the ideal tem­per­a­ture is be­tween 16-22 de­grees, but if you’ve got your phone out and about in the cold, you may see a tem­po­rary drop in bat­tery life.

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