No­bel prize win­ner to give lec­ture at Uni

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NO­BEL Prize-win­ning bi­ol­o­gist Pro­fes­sor Venki Ra­makr­ish­nan will be at Lough­bor­ough Univer­sity this week pre­sent­ing a lec­ture on mi­gra­tion in science.

The Pres­i­dent of the Royal So­ci­ety will dis­cuss the im­pli­ca­tions for postBrexit Bri­tain on Fri­day, May 18, as part of a se­ries of events on mi­gra­tion led by the In­sti­tute of Ad­vanced Stud­ies (IAS).

Mr Ra­makr­ish­nan has made nu­mer­ous con­tri­bu­tions to science and has helped ad­vance our un­der­stand­ing of the ri­bo­some – a site within liv­ing cells where the ge­netic in­for­ma­tion is read to syn­the­sise pro- teins from amino acids.

Mr Ra­makr­ish­nan re­ceived the No­bel Prize in Chem­istry for his work on ri­bo­so­mal struc­ture and was knighted in 2012.

Mr Ra­makr­ish­nan said: “Science is in­ter­na­tional and has flour­ished by be­ing open to peo­ple, who bring new ideas, tech­niques, and view­points.

“Science in the UK has ben­e­fited by be­ing open to tal­ent from all around the world and we must pre­serve that open­ness.”

Pro­fes­sor Ra­makr­ish­nan’s Lough­bor­ough visit has been or­gan­ised by As­so­ci­ate Dean of En­ter­prise Pro­fes­sor Dar­ren Smith, who is the Aca- demic Lead for the IAS Mi­gra­tion Theme.

The ‘Mi­gra­tion in Science - im­pli­ca­tions for post-Brexit Bri­tain’ talk will take place in The Tur­ing, Sir Den­nis Rooke, from noon un­til 1pm and will be fol­lowed by a net­work­ing lunch.

It is a free event and is ex­pected to be at­tended by Lough­bor­ough ViceChan­cel­lor Pro­fes­sor Robert Al­li­son and a num­ber of lo­cal dig­ni­taries. To book a place visit https://www. eventbrite. co. uk/ e/ ias- lec­turem­i­gra­tion-in-science-im­pli­ca­tionsf o r- post- brexi t- br i t a i n - t i c kets-44411672508

No­bel Prize-win­ning bi­ol­o­gist Pro­fes­sor Venki Ra­makr­ish­nan.

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