Young mil­lion­aire ap­pears on TV show

He lived with fam­ily on ben­e­fits


A YOUNG mil­lion­aire from Lough­bor­ough has ex­pe­ri­enced a com­plete life­style change liv­ing with a mum-of-five on ben­e­fits.

Dhillan Bhard­waj, 21, who made his first mil­lion when he was just 16, de­sign­ing clothes for celebri­ties, has taken part in a TV ex­per­i­ment.

He ap­peared on Rich Kids Go Skint, on Chan­nel 5’s 5 Star, liv­ing with Elaine Sul­li­van. who is on ben­e­fits, sup­port­ing her­self and her five chil­dren. The se­ries shows “rich kids” shar­ing a home with fam­i­lies liv­ing on the bread­line.

Ratchet Cloth­ing was started by Dhillan de­sign­ing clothes in his par­ent’s garage, and he has since de­signed clothes for Ri­hanna, Drake, Mi­ley Cyrus, Tay­lor Swift, and more.

Dhillan moved in with Elaine and her fam­ily for two days in her coun­cil house. He did not find the life­style change too much of a cul­ture shock, but wanted to take part to keep him­self grounded.

“My par­ents had a sim­i­lar up­bring­ing – most of my fam­ily were im­mi­grants so they had to pro­vide for them­selves. It wasn’t a re­al­ity check, but I wanted to see how life is dif­fer­ent if you are on ben­e­fits.

“I have the chance to share that ex­pe­ri­ence with other kids who might look up to celebri­ties with loads of money. I wanted to show them you can be happy with what

you’ve got.”

Dhillan stayed with the fam­ily at their home in Sur­rey. He was set dif­fer­ent tasks, in­clud­ing clean­ing out the chicken coop and cook­ing meals.

He added: “When they shop, they go to char­ity shops, and when they get food, they get best-be­fore-use I think it’s called or best be­fore some­thing.

“It was just dif­fer­ent, I even bought them a skip to get rid of all the rub­bish in their house be­cause they couldn’t af­ford to get rid of it.

“When some­one asks me what I do for a liv­ing, I some­times want to say I work a nor­mal nine to five job be­cause I don’t want to sound like I’m brag­ging.”

Dhillan also took part in Rich Kids Go Shop­ping on Chan­nel 4, which

showed how he spends his money.

Although Dhillan is a mil­lion­aire, his take home pay each month does not re­flect that. He said: “My par­ents take some of my earn­ings, so I don’t ac­tu­ally get paid that much.

“I don’t mind telling you that I only get paid £750 a month, and with that money I can spend it on any­thing I want. The rest of the money goes into my fam­ily pot.”

The ex­pe­ri­ence was very ful­fill­ing for Dhillan but he did no­tice dif­fer­ences be­tween stay­ing there and liv­ing at home.

He said: “It was a very heart­warm­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, I en­joyed it. I live in such a big house though so it was very hard for me to get used to liv­ing where the kitchen is just a step from the liv­ing room. I usu­ally have space when I need it, so that was dif­fi­cult.”

Dhillan Bhard­waj on episode three of Rich Kids Go Skint on Chan­nel 5

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