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Capri­corn Dec 22 - Jan 20

The ten­dency is to while away much of your time on­line or email­ing friends. It’s called dig­i­tal skiv­ing. Why not sim­ply take the week off and re­move all temp­ta­tion? No doubt, you will be do­ing a lot of non-work and some­thing more use­ful and plea­sur­able, es­pe­cially on days like Fri­day.

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The Sun in Li­bra con­tin­ues to high­light far away places and sit­u­a­tions at a dis­tance. Here you are stuck in an air­less of­fice while ev­ery fi­bre of your body cries out for free­dom. How­ever, some kind of suc­cess is guar­an­teed this week. Af­ter that, you won’t be quite so tied down.

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Be­ing in debt might well af­fect your travel plans. It’s more com­plex than that. True, there are bar­gains to be had. It’s also a safe bet that a pay­ment will be made this week, if the price is right. This could be such a lu­cra­tive time, for Pisces at least. Cri­sis? What cri­sis?

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Whether you are mar­ried or not, things should be far more har­mo­nious, even though you and a part­ner may start the week apart. Who men­tioned any­thing about di­vorce? You may need a few point­ers when deal­ing with joint fi­nan­cial mat­ters. How­ever, a con­tract should be agreed this week.

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You should stop work­ing so hard and spend more time with part­ners. Even shop­ping to­gether could prove en­joy­able! You should be ec­static, though you won’t be frol­ick­ing in the park this week. Wel­come to life out­side work. You won’t earn so much money, but you will have more fun.

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You must ad­mit that work is an es­cape from the pres­sures of your per­sonal life. There are other ben­e­fits as you will re­alise this week. This doesn’t mean you should sac­ri­fice your own hap­pi­ness by be­ing self­less. In fact, it would be churl­ish to com­plain about your lot in life.

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Peo­ple may not show much af­fec­tion at home. But ro­mance is about to bloom in time for Au­tumn. Even so, you should be sur­prised by how touchy-feely oth­ers are. What hap­pens at the start of this week is for the young at heart. Though, you could be torn in two on Fri­day.

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You may have had a wasted jour­ney. Not to men­tion, ex­hausted an in­or­di­nate amount of men­tal and phys­i­cal en­ergy. This is not con­ducive to a happy fam­ily life. De­spite a fu­ri­ous row, this should be a time of do­mes­tic bliss. A trip to Ikea this week could do the trick.

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Hav­ing been sad­dled with debt, and gen­er­ally bur­dened and de­pressed, you should be foot­loose and fancy free. You could choose to go down a sim­i­lar route, chas­ing some­thing ab­surd. This is a week for new ad­ven­tures, and there is a deep-seated need to try some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent.

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Both emo­tional and fi­nan­cial is­sues are stressed. The ob­vi­ous an­swer is to work less and spend less, leav­ing more time for your near­est and dear­est and friends. What you need to do is mull over an of­fer this week. It could make your life a plea­sure rather than a strug­gle.

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Chances are, you may have felt inse­cure and lonely. Now how­ever, with Mer­cury close to Venus in Scor­pio, sad des­per­ate loser you are not. In fact, this should be a time of emo­tion­ally up­lift­ing devel­op­ments. Even though, it may not be un­til around Fri­day that the real you is un­cov­ered.

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This should be a time of un­ex­pected twists and turns. What you are try­ing to or­gan­ise de­pends much on the el­e­ment of sur­prise, so don’t give too much away at the mo­ment. Never mind. By rights, devel­op­ments that take place later in the week could leave ev­ery­one a bit stu­pe­fied.

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