Bri­tish Em­pire was ac­tu­ally cre­ated by the fi­nan­cial elite

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WHAT is his­tory (his story)? How do we know what we are taught and told is ac­tu­ally true?

Well, as per­ceived his­tory is writ­ten by the vic­tor (the es­tab­lish­ment) by def­i­ni­tion we only ever get to hear one side of the story.

Does au­thor­ity equal truth? Ab­so­lutely not. On the con­trary truth equals au­thor­ity.

So what I would sug­gest to you is this. Just be­cause your per­cep­tion of the truth of his­tory has been served up to you by the es­tab­lish­ment that doesn’t make it true. Why would it?

Which brings me to a recent let­ter in The Lough­bor­ough Echo, head­line “Delv­ing back into the his­tory of our own su­per­state.”

In this let­ter the cor­re­spon­dent puts for­ward a very co­gent and I would sug­gest ac­cu­rate de­scrip­tion of some of the hor­rors of The Bri­tish Em­pire. And then com­pletely misses the point al­to­gether by declaring that some­how The Euro­pean Union is a paragon of virtue by con­trast.

Any­one who cares to search for his own truth rather than sim­ply blindly ac­cept­ing ev­ery­thing as be­ing true so long as it comes from a po­si­tion of au­thor­ity (es­tab­lish­ment) would quickly dis­cover that The Bri­tish Em­pire and The Euro­pean Union were and are ac­tu­ally con­structs of the same hid­den hand es­tab­lish­ment and fi­nan­cial elite.

They are not dif­fer­ent at heart. They are one and the same. A means to an end, ap­pro­pri­ate to the time in ques­tion by those who are dic­tat­ing the show.

The Bri­tish Em­pire was not cre­ated by a tiny coun­try called Eng­land or the English peo­ple but by the fi­nan­cial elite who just hap­pened to be di­rect­ing the show from Lon­don at the time, as they were from Rome at an ear­lier time and the Mid­dle East prior to that.

The Bri­tish Em­pire was sim­ply the ve­hi­cle of its time to per­mit the ex­pan­sion of this (es­tab­lish­ment) power over a larger part of the globe. Any im­ages of this be­ing the Land of Hope and Glory is mere il­lu­sion sadly, served up to keep the masses asleep to the truth, and maybe to give them a nice smug feel­ing as they were grow­ing up be­liev­ing a lie. My word how our thoughts are cre­ated and ma­nip­u­lated by those who con­trol the world’s money sup­ply.

When its use­ful­ness to the global and fi­nan­cial elite had served its pur­pose, i.e. a quar­ter of the world’s pop­u­la­tion and land sub­jected to its con­trol and plun­der, it could be dis­man­tled by a cou­ple of care­fully or­ches­trated World Wars where both sides were funded by this same hid­den hand (check it out in­stead of meekly swal­low­ing ev­ery­thing you’re told!) And overt con­trol could be re­placed by it’s more il­lus­tri­ous part­ner in crime, covert con­trol.

So The Bri­tish Em­pire didn’t ac­tu­ally go away it sim­ply changed its clothes. Once the power gained by the fi­nan­cial elite had been con­sol­i­dated the fa­cade could be dis­man­tled un­der the guise of hand­ing back con­trol to the once sub­ju­gated na­tions and al­low­ing them their right­ful in­de­pen­dence. Or so we are told by (his story).

The emer­gence of The Euro­pean Union is sim­ply the next ve­hi­cle used by this same hid­den hand global and fi­nan­cial elite to gain more power and con­trol at the ex­pense of the rest of us. The rest of us be­ing Johnny Op­po­site, the re­moan­ers, the edi­tor of this news­pa­per and I would sug­gest you read­ing this. We are not in the fi­nan­cial elite and are con­sid­ered as noth­ing more than “use­less eaters”.

Be very care­ful of the “truth” of per­ceived his­tory as dic­tated by the es­tab­lish­ment, and dis­pensed through such in­sti­tu­tions as the schools and the me­dia etc. Who con­trols these in­sti­tu­tions af­ter all? What would you ex­pect to hear?

There­fore the ear­lier let­ter by an­other cor­re­spon­dent is cor­rect when he states the EU’s sole ob­jec­tive is to be­come a global su­per­state, as it is sim­ply a fur­ther step­ping stone af­ter The Bri­tish Em­pire. More power in fewer and fewer hands un­til you and I, dear reader have nowhere else left to run or hide.

The truth, as al­ways, is not to be found in the his­tory books writ­ten by the vic­tors but right be­fore your eyes hid­den in plain sight. You have only to wake up and open your mind. Sadly, for what­ever the rea­son may be, many aren’t yet able. Though I sus­pect the time is com­ing when more and more must.

Johnny Op­po­site, Shep­shed

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