Try my no-calo­rie cake – it’s the law...

Macclesfield Express - - BARLOW’S BRIEF -

GEN­TLE­MEN, when you go into a café with your wife or girl­friend and ask if she would like a cake what’s the stan­dard re­sponse?

“No thanks, I’ll just have a cof­fee.”

So, what do you do? You or­der two cof­fees and one cake for your­self. You place your or­der on a tray and walk over to your beloved.

Watch her closely as you place the tray on the ta­ble.

Note the flar­ing nos­trils as the cake en­ters her grav­i­ta­tional field.

Ob­serve the laser-like beam of her eyes burn­ing through the lay­ers.

At this point you will feel a strange com­pul­sion to ask if she would like to share it.

You will be in­structed to cut a small piece ‘just to taste’.

Be­fore the knife comes to rest, a lizard-like tongue will lash around the cake de­vour­ing the larger piece leav­ing you with the tiny taster.

Why do women do this to us? Why not just say they want a cake?

I’ll tell you why be­cause there are no calo­ries in cake your hus­band or­ders. A woman can eat all three lay­ers of a choco­late cake calo­rie free… as long as it’s yours.

It’s the law.

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