Our new lodger Car­son is not an­gelic

Macclesfield Express - - BARLOW’S BRIEF -

For those ad­dicted to tak­ing of­fence there are so many worth­while causes. Once they step out­side their com­fort zone the world’s their oys­ter (no of­fence to crus­taceans).

Thou­sands of op­pressed peo­ple in North Korea would love to see them re­mon­strat­ing with the op­pres­sive regime of Kim Jong-un.

I’m sure Jock and his pals would drink to that. I LOVE dogs, they are sim­ple straight-for­ward an­i­mals.

You know ex­actly where you stand with a dog. He’s ei­ther be­hav­ing or he isn’t and ei­ther way you will know. Not so with cats. Car­son, our new fe­line lodger, seems an­gelic but ap­pear­ances are de­ceiv­ing.

Some­how Car­son has col­lected a se­lec­tion of dead ro­dents with­out leav­ing the kitchen thus throw­ing sus­pi­cion upon the dogs.

I don’t know how he’s done it and he isn’t telling (some­thing to do with the Magic Cir­cle?) but it’s freak­ing me out.

I’ve tried lock­ing his cat-flap but it’s like hand­cuff­ing David Blane… he sim­ply dis­ap­pears.

Over the years I’ve learned to trust my dogs but this cat is sneaky.

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