Parish vol­un­teers tar­get out of con­trol dogs to stop at­tacks

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PARISIONERS have launched a project to crack down on dogs at­tack­ing sheep and other wildlife.

Mem­bers of the Sut­ton Parish Plan steer­ing group are mak­ing a two-pronged attack on dog is­sues in the parish. The plan in­cludes tar­get­ting dog foul­ing, but also in­cludes an ac­tion plan against dogs dis­turb­ing and at­tack­ing wildlife.

It comes af­ter two sheep at­tacks in Lan­g­ley in re­cent months.

Kevin Hoines, from the parsh plan group, said; “Three of the sheep suf­fered se­ri­ous in­juries dur­ing the at­tacks, which in­cluded dam­aged ten­dons and mus­cles to their rear legs and they had to be de­stroyed on the ad­vice of the ve­teri­nary sur­geon. Two fur­ther sheep suf­fered less se­vere leg in­juries. They have now re­cov­ered and are back with the flock.

“The ve­teri­nary sur­geon and the slaugh­ter man at­tend­ing the sheep were both of the opin­ion the bite marks were con­sis­tent with an attack by a large dog. We are also aware of dog at­tacks on wildlife, on other dogs, on peo­ple and dogs jump­ing up at peo­ple caus­ing in­jury.”

Kevin added: “We will tar­get hotspots with En­vi­ron­men­tal War­dens and The Dogs Trust who will pro­vide free mi­cro chip­ping and a health check. At some lo­ca­tions we may also have the pres­ence of a dog trainer who will pro­vide ad­vice on keep­ing dogs un­der con­trol.

“We would like to or­gan­ise a se­ries of sheep aware­ness ses­sions. Th­ese would give dog own­ers an in­sight on how their dogs re­act to sheep when in close prox­im­ity to them and when the sheep are run­ning. Th­ese ses­sions would be in a sheep pen and we would en­sure dogs were un­der close con­trol at all times.”

Con­tact the group at ad­min@sut­ton­

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