Pub reg­u­lars’ marathon ef­fort for hos­pice

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TWO pub reg­u­lars are rais­ing a glass af­ter hand­ing over £4,000 for char­ity.

Ol­lie Bar­ber, 33, and un­cle Rick Grat­ton,48, pre­sented a cheque for £4,425 to East Cheshire Hos­pice out­side The Dog and Par­tridge pub, Bolling­ton, on June 13.

The pair ran the Manch­ester Marathon in April for East Cheshire Hos­pice.

Ol­lie said they were inspired to run the marathon af­ter his mother, Joyce Bar­ber, died at the hos­pice in May 2013.

“The hos­pice were bril­liant with her and all our fam­ily.” he said.

“The day she died Rick and I promised we’d run a marathon to hon­our my mum and the hos­pice. What struck us that day were how high the run­ning costs of the Hos­pice were and what a good job they did.

“And in June last year, Rick’s dad, Frank Grat­ton, my grand­dad, died of can­cer.

“He had been due to go to the hos­pice but passed away in hos­pi­tal. That was another rea­son for us to do it.”

Ol­lie com­pleted the Marathon in 3 hours 23 min­utes and 53 sec­onds and Rick fin­ished in 4 hours, 2 min­utes and 42 sec­onds. Ol­lie said they’d trained through the win­ter months.

“Many dark Win­ter nights we were out train­ing think­ing ‘why are we do­ing this?’”, he said.

“The cause kept us go­ing. The Marathon it­self was tough and the last five miles re­ally hurt for both Rick and I but, cheered on by fam­ily and friends, we com­pleted it.

“We were both driven on by the cause and the spon­sor­ship money we were rais­ing. It took a good few days for the legs to re­cover af­ter­wards”.

The pair and their spon­sor­ship team also held three char­ity nights at The Dog and Par­tridge pub, their lo­cal, to raise more money for the char­ity.

The pub also hosted a meat raf­fle ev­ery Sun­day, with all pro­ceeds again go­ing to the hos­pice.

Ol­lie thanked the peo­ple who had helped them, say­ing: “We couldn’t have raised any­where near the money we did if it wasn’t for our spon­sor­ship team.

“They were ab­so­lutely bril­liant and or­gan­ised ev­ery­thing. The pub played a great role.”

Frank She­p­ley, who runs the pub with wife He­len, said they were happy to host the events

“Ol­lie, Rick and their team did all the all the hard work” he said.

“The lo­cals have re­ally got be­hind them.”

●● Reg­u­lars at the Dog and Par­tridge in Bolling­ton have raised £4,425. Ol­lie is hold­ing the cheque and Rick is be­hind him.

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