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eas­ier for her if I named my bank as ex­ecu­tors. But hav­ing dis­cov­ered how much they charge for this ser­vice, I won­dered if I could sim­ply cross out their name on the will. Or should I have the whole thing writ­ten again?

Any al­ter­ation to a will should only be made at the time of sign­ing it, when the al­ter­ation would be ini­tialled by the per­son mak­ing the will to­gether with the wit­nesses. Any other al­ter­ation re­quired later can be done by a cod­i­cil: a sup­ple­men­tal doc­u­ment to your will, which also needs to be signed and wit­nessed cor­rectly for it to be valid. Al­ter­na­tively, it may be just as easy for you to make a com­pletely new will. Ei­ther way you should ap­point a new ex­ecu­tor. LIKE many streets in Manch­ester we have prob­lems with car park­ing. One fam­ily puts traf­fic cones out­side their house to re­serve ‘their’ space, which led to a row when I was lift­ing a TV set into the house and moved the cones. Can we do any­thing to stop this ha­rass­ment?

You could al­ways call the po­lice. Although they don’t rel­ish be­ing drawn into this sort of dis­pute they might just set your neigh­bour straight about his anti-so­cial be­hav­iour. Plac­ing cones in the road is tech­ni­cally an ob­struc­tion of the high­way and an of­fence. No-one has any right to park in any par­tic­u­lar place on a public road, whether out­side his house or not.

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