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THE lead singer of the in­fa­mous Macc Lads has re­jected a reap­praisal of the band’s work which claimed they were mis­un­der­stood ‘satirists’.

Mut­t­ley McLad hit out at a news­pa­per ar­ti­cle de­scrib­ing the band as ‘a sub­ver­sive par­ody of un­re­con­structed macho big­otry’ say­ing it was ‘prob­a­bly the worst thing that’s ever been said about us’.

Re­spected Guardian mu­sic critic Ian Git­tins wrote that far from be­ing the ‘sex­ist, chau­vin­is­tic boors’ they ap­peared, the group were ac­tu­ally ‘near the knuckle satirists’.

On the pa­per’s web­site, Git­tins claimed the band were a ‘sub­ver­sive par­ody of un­re­con­structed macho big­otry’.

But Mut­t­ley, aka Tris­tan O’Neill, said: “I don’t un­der­stand any of those words.”

The band, who hap­pily pro­claimed them­selves as ‘the rud­est, crud­est and drunk­en­est band in Chris­ten­dom’ burst onto the scene in 1981, re­leas­ing their first al­bum Beer, Sex, Chips N Gravy in 1985. The lyrics are far too rude for the Ex­press to print but Mut­t­ley (Tris­tan) in­sisted ‘no­body would bother about them to­day’ with the ex­plicit rap lyrics peo­ple lis­ten to.

He said: “It was just fun, the best fun I’ve ever had and ever will in my life.

“Fun is what rock n roll should be. Peo­ple just go into the mu­sic busi­ness to get rich and fa­mous now, whereas I would have done it for noth­ing.

“There was no ul­te­rior mo­tive, The Guardian are read­ing too much into it. Mak­ing us out to be witty, in­tel­li­gent satirists is prob­a­bly the worst thing that’s ever been said about us.”

The singer, now aged 60 and re­tired, said he wrote most of the band’s lyrics and that there is no chance of the band fol­low­ing the likes of oth­ers such as The Stone Roses, Pix­ies and The Po­lice by re­form­ing.

The con­tro­ver­sial front­man said gig­ging was ‘a young man’s game’ and that peo­ple like the Rolling Stones who car­ried on were ‘em­bar­rass­ing’.

But Mac­cles­field mu­si­cian Garry White agreed with the Guardian’s ver­dict.

He said: “They ab­so­lutely were near the knuckle satirists. Tris­tan is a very clever man.

“The band had a mas­sive rep­u­ta­tion in Europe too that no-one knew about. When I was abroad and said I was from Mac­cles­field peo­ple would say, ah, the Macc Lads and would sing the lyrics.”

Doug Pick­ford, for­mer Ex­press editor, said: “The Macc Lads were outra- geous but very en­ter­tain­ing at the time. They flew the flag for Mac­cles­field but I don’t know which way they flew it!”

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●● Macc Lads front­man Tris­tan O’Neill (Mut­t­ley McLad) on stage, above, and the boys in pro­mo­tional photos dur­ing their no­to­ri­ous 1980s and 1990s ca­reer

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