OH the joys of sum­mer and the new sea­son whim­ber­ries, they have a very short sea­son and it is well worth pes­ter­ing your green­gro­cer to get them, as gen­er­ally su­per­mar­kets don’t stock them be­cause they are so per­ish­able. The fruit it­self is fab­u­lous made into jams and tarts and you’ll find in this recipe the tangy fruit re­ally com­ple­ments or­ange cus­tard.

Makes 6 to­gether the flour, sugar and but­ter un­til it forms a fine crumb. Add the egg and le­mon and knead to a smooth dough, place in the fridge to firm slightly. 2. Lightly dust a work sur­face with some plain flour and roll out the pas­try thinly to about 2mm thick. Use to line six tart cases or al­ter­na­tively make one large one. 3. Bake in a hot oven 180°c for about five min­utes un­til lightly coloured and golden. Re­move from the oven and leave to cool. In­gre­di­ents: ●● One pint milk ●● Four egg yolks ●● 4oz caster sugar ●● 2oz plain flour ●● Vanilla essence ●● Zest of one or­ange 1. Heat milk and flavour­ings in a heavy bot­tom pot. 2. In sep­a­rate bowl, beat eggs and sugar to­gether un­til smooth then add flour and beat un­til smooth. 3. When milk is al­most boiling scoop some milk into the egg mix­ture and blend then trans­fer back to milk in pot and whisk while cook­ing un­til it thick­ens.

‘skin’ forms as it cools.

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