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●● WE’VE had lots of re­sponses to our story about a dog get­ting at­tacked by cows in a field in Rainow (see page 8)

Ni­cole Brad­bury: Not be­ing funny but any dog should be on a lead when near cat­tle.

And cows don’t just at­tack, farm­ers wouldn’t put cat­tle in a field if they ran­domly at­tack the public/an­i­mals.

Shann Rosee Gib­son: I’ve been at­tacked walk­ing through a field. Wasn’t any­where near them, I was 7. So yes they do.

Alex Marg­er­son: Walk­ing through cows and calves with three dogs is daft.

Cows don’t mean to hurt peo­ple and dogs, it is when they feel threat­ened and they think their calf is threat­ened.

Would you want us to lock them in the shed all year round?

Suzanne Torr: How would it be if I ran­domly bought my dog and wan­dered aim­lessly through your of­fice ev­ery day!

Part of the charm of walk­ing through the coun­try­side is to see live­stock graz­ing freely.

It is part of our her­itage.

Most peo­ple un­der­stand that com­mon sense is needed. Very sad for the doggy. Becky Torr: Walk­ing through a field of cows and calves isn’t the best idea.

Jes­sica Ham­mond: Ter­ri­ble news.

Louise Up­ton: It’s about time farm­ers had the right to close foot­paths/of­fer an al­ter­na­tive route when needed. ...this is very sad for all con­cerned x

Ge­orge Moss: Cows are good moth­ers, be­ing pro­tec­tive to their calf.

Stephanie Maskery: Lead or no lead this is so sad and some­one has lost a mem­ber of their fam­ily. X

Matthew Leeder: My god that’s aw­ful! Cows are evil.

Lynn New­ton: This is very sad.

Ca­role Poyser: Cows are well known to pack on dogs/threats and I be­lieve (and you may shoot me down) but all dogs should be on leads when out walk­ing for their own safety and that of oth­ers. ●● AN en­dur­ing love af­fair: Peter and Gina Davies celebrate 70 years of mar­riage (see page 13)

Michelle Howle Freude­nau:

Su­san O’Don­nell French: ●● RE­LIEF as Rainow’s scare­crow found - in Hol­land (see page three)

Wendy Chin­ery:

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