Out­rage at MP’s fox hunt stance


DOZENS of read­ers have re­acted in out­rage af­ter Mac­cles­field MP David Rut­ley de­fended his po­si­tion on fox hunt­ing.

The gov­ern­ment post­poned a vote to re­lax the 2004 Hunt­ing Act to al­low packs of dogs to hunt foxes af­ter it be­came clear the SNP MPs would vote against the changes and swing the out­come.

Tory MP for Mac­cles­field, David Rut­ley, told the Ex­press that if the vote had gone ahead, he would have voted in favour of the changes. But read­ers re­acted in dis­be­lief de­scrib­ing the sport as ‘out­dated’ and ‘cruel’ and ac­cus­ing Mr Rut­ley of toe­ing the party line.

Anna Rapotu, from Poyn­ton, said: “I am dis­gusted by David Rut­ley’s re­sponse and think it makes no sense. He makes no at­tempt to back up his the­ory that the Hunt­ing Act does lit­tle to pro­tect wildlife.

“The fact that it is not en­forced is the big­gest prob­lem with it.

“There can be no ar­gu­ment of it be­ing used as pest con­trol af­ter the ev­i­dence found by hunt sabo­teurs of fox cubs be­ing fed by hunts­men.

“It is an out­dated and bar­baric prac­tice and all his con­stituents should be made aware of his views.”

Francine Fal­lon, from Mac­cles­field, said it was ‘ap­palling’.

She said: “I feel very an­gry that Mr Rut­ley sup- ports the re­peal of the Hunt­ing Act.

“I am not op­posed to hu­mane killing of wild an­i­mals, but strongly dis­agree with it tak­ing place as a sport.”

Com­ment­ing on our Face­book page, Ca­role Bar­low said: “It’s dis­gust­ing and bad taste, out­dated and out­moded old fash­ioned blood lust.”

Jon Daly, also on Face­book, said: “He toes the party line no mat­ter what. He’s ob­vi­ously more both­ered about his po­lit­i­cal ca­reer than he is about rep­re­sent­ing his con­stituents.”

But Mr Rut­ley de­fended his stance.

He said: “I ap­pre­ci­ate that many peo­ple have sin­cerely held views about hunt­ing and I re­spect their views. Hav­ing con­sid­ered the mat­ter care­fully, I do not be­lieve that an­i­mal wel­fare is best served by the Hunt­ing Act.”

The 2004 Hunt­ing Act was in­tro­duced af­ter years of cam­paign­ing by an­i­mal rights groups and bans the hunt­ing of wild an­i­mals with dogs. How­ever it does al­low the use of dogs to flush out an an­i­mal so it can be shot.

The Tories in­cluded a pledge to re­peal the ban in their man­i­festo and Mr Rut­ley has been clear that he would back the re­peal.

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