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Why did my mum al­ways use that phrase ‘be­fore you can say Jack Robin­son’? I have no idea what it means. Mum also couldn’t eat an ap­ple with­out slic­ing a piece say­ing “.... and one for Billy The Badger”.

You know that feel­ing in your stom­ach when you go too fast over a bridge, my dad called that ‘wormies’ – not that his car ever went fast enough for us get wormies. And to bring this right down to base level, when we were all potty train­ing and had an ac­ci­dent of the solid va­ri­ety, the fam­ily phrase for that was “...oops the lit­tle fella’s done a coots.” Baf­fling. I’d love to hear the words and phrases you’ve in­her­ited which don’t make the slight­est bit of sense. MY pal Lazy Lawrence has turned down many jobs be­cause they don’t suit him but at least he’s found one he fancies. It’s in a big depart­ment store clean­ing all the mir­rors. He can see him­self do­ing that.

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