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●● OUR Face­book fol­low­ers had a very mixed re­ac­tion to the coun­cil’s an­nounce­ment that it would close Coare Street in Mac­cles­field and im­pose ‘no wait­ing re­stric­tions’ Ian Har­ri­son: Peo­ple of Coare Street: You bought a house on a road. Cars drive down roads.

Why are you shocked by this? Zoe Ri­ley: Yes, but the street is ac­cess only, it’s not an in­vite for ev­ery­one to come down.

Plus there isn’t enough space for cars to come zoom­ing down it. Luke Atkins: Are they gonna close ev­ery road in Macc used as a cut through?

Great King Street’s a night­mare for it! Blaine Walker: Just what I was gonna put. Christina Heath­cote: I get that it can be a pain for res­i­dents to park, but this road has been used for the same for decades, as with many other roads around the town.

It’s not just hap­pened, it’s got a Chi­nese and ac­cess to a school. How can they close this off? Jenna Bo­s­tock: Where do you park if you’re go­ing to the Chi­nese?? Lee An­der­ton: We lived on Coare Street, we had enough of tak­ing abuse off peo­ple for park­ing out­side our own house, we self­ishly made the road nar­row so peo­ple couldn’t cut through quickly, and as one per­son pointed out I was be­ing stupid for park­ing out­side my own house. Ian Har­ri­son: “‘con­tin­ual bom­bard­ment’ of al­most 1,900 ve­hi­cles per day was af­fect­ing res­i­dents’ qual­ity of life.”

What about ev­ery sin­gle other res­i­dent who lives next to a road?? Stupid de­ci­sion. He­len Mau­rice Jones: 1,900 cars a day, so the coun­cil have widened the main road and put other traf­fic man­age­ment schemes in place to en­sure hard work­ing tax pay­ing peo­ple can get around Mac­cles­field/ Tyther­ing­ton and to their fam­ily with­out de­lay... Of course they haven’t, it’s all about the 40 houses on the street. Emma Louisa Leonard: I use it daily to get from one end of town to the other! If res­i­dents don’t like it don’t live there simples! It’s a road.... made for cars! Mel Anie: Can we block Pri­ory Lane?

You choose to live on the streets with traf­fic so deal with it. Lorraine Ri­ley: I have lived down Bryn­ton Road and Coare Street most of my life.

The road has be­come worse and I hope the clo­sure goes ahead.

It’s not just cars cut­ting through, wag­ons and vans as well, it’s a dan­ger. Marty Hill: Same is­sue on Gar­den Street but we won’t be get­ting the road blocked off. Mar­garita Be­na­vides: I live in the area. No for­mal con­sul­ta­tion has taken place.

The clo­sure of the road is not wanted by all res­i­dents, this is an ab­so­lute farce. Res­i­dents have not been prop­erly con­sulted and this de­ci­sion can­not be made with­out a for­mal con­sul­ta­tion as promised. Mark Beres­ford: Have the res­i­dents of all the streets off Coare St been con­sulted....As that’s a few hun­dred houses... And where would they block the road? Lisa-Marie Collins: Try liv­ing down there, I’m sure you’d all have a dif­fer­ent opin­ion then! Ab­so­lute night­mare and it’s no quicker than go­ing through the lights, the sooner peo­ple re­alise that the bet­ter! Pete Wat­son: So it’s go­ing to be a pri­vate carpark for the res­i­dents. Ky­oris Barr: What’s the point in hav­ing roads if you can’t drive along them? Kaye Gosling: It’s just a cut through, what’s the is­sue? Zoe Ri­ley: To all the peo­ple who are telling us to move, for some of us that isn’t a choice, also peo­ple have bought houses down there years ago, when there wasn’t so many cars on the road. Do you re­ally think that’s fair to say?

Some are el­derly now, have raised a fam­ily there or even grew up there. They have emo­tional at­tach­ment to the area. Why would they move? The only prob­lem with the area is peo­ple cut­ting through. The peo­ple are lovely and the sur­round­ing area is nice.

I have seen so many an­gry peo­ple cut through, who have made a road block etc. It’s ac­tu­ally quicker to go round. I un­der­stand it seems to not be fair on ev­ery­one else but un­til you’re put in the sit­u­a­tion you prob­a­bly won’t un­der­stand. Ben Richbell: The is­sue is that Coare St serves roughly 100 houses. Emer­gency plan­ning is con­sid­ered in a worse case sce­nario. Dur­ing rush hour, in the school year emer­gency ve­hi­cles would have re­sponse times dou­bled, at best. That’s why ac­cess is lim­ited and it’s also the rea­son it should never be blocked. Re­gard­less, I doubt it’s worth the an­guish. Hay­ley D’arcy: So are they do­ing this with ev­ery road in Macc?! Ab­so­lutely ridicu­lous!! Surely there a bet­ter ways to spend tax pay­ers money!! Ben Kirk­man: Great news. Paula John­son: Dis­gust­ing! The res­i­dents chose to live there so shouldn’t moan about it. If they are that both­ered they should ei­ther move or adopt the road be­tween them! Why should they get spe­cial treat­ment at the tax pay­ers ex­pense?

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