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WE kicked off a heated de­bate when we asked our face­book fol­low­ers if Mac­cles­field should open its doors to refugees from Syria af­ter a pe­ti­tion was launched call­ing for 50 fam­i­lies to be given asy­lum in Mac­cles­field: An­thony Beard: Dont agree with this at all I’m not racist but we should look af­ter our own. Colin Roberts: What about our own home­less, don’t they come first? And no they should not be given help, send them away. Funny how they’ve trav­elled through so many coun­tries and all head­ing for just one coun­try, UK. Jon Daly: We, as a na­tion, have a duty to ac­cept a pro­por­tion of the refugees that are es­cap­ing the war our gov­ern­ment caused. This is not a cir­cum­stance where the first coun­try they reach can deal with all the refugees. Com­pared to most Euro­pean coun­tries we have a very small num­ber of refugees. Gail Mclean: Their own coun­try should sort them­selves out and keep their peo­ple safe. There are far too many in this coun­try as it is, the old should be looked af­ter and the home­less first. Colin Roberts: Then go to another coun­try, why UK? Oh I for­got, free hous­ing, free healthcare, free ev­ery­thing. Then your taxes go up be­cause your pay­ing for them. Col­lette Wolfenden: Our gov­ern­ment can’t com­plain about refugees com­ing to the UK when they haven’t done any­thing to stop the cri­sis in the Mid­dle East. I think it’s some­thing to be proud of that peo­ple are com­ing to Europe (not just the UK) for the feel­ing of safety Toni Kelly: The way they’re go­ing you’d think that ALL the refugees are com­ing to Mac­cles­field - not 20,000 over five years to the UK as a whole! Nick Con­nors: Our gov­ern­ment’s ac­tions have caused this cri­sis. There­fore the UK has a huge re­spon­si­bil­ity to help these peo­ple. Our `way of life’ has meant that these peo­ple no longer have a sta­ble coun­try to live in. John McColm: Is it pos­si­ble that we may do both? Since this wave of con­cern is run­ning, why don’t we look at ev­ery­one that needs help from a per­spec­tive of what each of us can or will do for peo­ple in need. Why leave any­one out or aban­don hu­mans in need? Caro­line Hardy: I don’t con­sider any refugees as my per­sonal re­spon­si­bil­ity and no doubt it’s vice versa Jil­lian Mill­ward: Was go­ing to say in Mac­cles­field there are lots of peo­ple need­ing look­ing af­ter. Dawn James: There is not enough hous­ing in Mac­cles­field for Mac­cles­field peo­ple. Where are the­ses houses and then jobs are they go­ing to take our jobs to Maria Rush: No No NO, please help your own towns­peo­ple first, I`m sure there are home­less, poor,vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple in your town young chil­dren liv­ing in poverty,are you all as ea­ger to go round with hand outs to these peo­ple, ex ser­vice too,we need to sort out our own shizz first x Carly Din­ning: Our own peo­ple have an in­com­pe­tent NHS, aus­ter­ity through the roof, lack of hous­ing etc and we want to play the hero by tak­ing more in. Sorry but I don’t want them and I won’t be wel­com­ing them. We need to get our own peo­ple sorted first. Stephanie Dakin: If Mac­cles­field peo­ple are so in­su­lar, I doubt whether in­com­ers would be happy here. SHAME Toni Kelly: I don’t think the com­ments on here are racist - they’re just un­founded and mis­guided. Sylvia Quinn: Look around Mac and you can see lots of empty build­ings so let’s help these poor peo­ple, at least we are not be­ing shot at, raped or be­headed. Rich Hill­side: In 20 bil­lion years the sun will stop shin­ing, it will stop sup­port­ing all life on earth and ev­ery­t­ing will die and the planet will ef­fec­tively be left de­stroyed. 20 bil­lion years is a long time to go so why can’t this world love and re­spect each other. Alex Pin­der: Mac­cles­field or war zone. That’s a tough call ●● THERE was lots of sup­port for our story about a group of mums who are col­lect­ing baby slings to asy­lum seek­ers and their fam­i­lies (web­site and Ex­press Septem­ber 9) El­iz­a­beth Grundy: Won­der­ful won­der­ful thing you are do­ing ladies! Any­one that wants to do­nate can. Any­one who wants to do­nate to a lo­cal or na­tional home­less char­ity can. If you can help peo­ple that’s a great thing. Help who you can and stop hav­ing a go at oth­ers for help­ing peo­ple. Much love x So­phie Molyneux: I can’t even imag­ine how any­one flee­ing their home must feel af­ter see­ing it be­ing torn apart. Send­ing slings over to keep in­no­cent chil­dren safe and se­cure is a won­der­ful cause x Laura Jeuda: What a great idea! ●● WE’VE re­ported this week that the team be­hind Mac­cles­field Hos­pi­tal says more nurs­ers from over­seas should be brought in to fix the short­age (web­site and Ex­press page four) Wendy Fur­ness: Do you think they might have tried, via the medium of sev­eral re­cruit­ment days, advertising etc, to re­cruit “our own”? There is a short­age of qual­i­fied Dr’s and nurses in this coun­try. With­out our lovely for­eign born staff we would be ut­terly lost. Jo Ran­dall: In­ter­est­ingly I was speak­ing to a friend this week who is a nurse and we dis­cussed for­eign nurses. She was say­ing that for­eign nurses won’t get their cur­rent visas ex­tended and be­cause of the lack of fund­ing to train new nurses, the NHS won’t have a chance of fill­ing the va­can­cies that will arise. What will hap­pen to our vi­tal health ser­vices then?

●● Mac­cles­field mums have united to col­lect baby slings and car­ri­ers for refugees

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