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●● MILK farm­ers meet with Mac­cles­field MP David Rut­ley over ‘un­fair pric­ing’ (page 12 and web­site) Dan Hadley: Whilst I would hate to see the demise of farm­ing in the UK and would hap­pily pay more for milk, no other in­dus­try or busi­ness could get away with sim­ply whing­ing they don’t get enough re­turn for their prod­uct. The onus is on the farm­ers to adapt and di­ver­sify and make their own busi­nesses prof­itable again. For­get that it’s called a farm, it’s a busi­ness like any other. They need to run like a busi­ness. Christina Webb: We need to pay a fair price for milk if we want to en­sure sup­plies for the fu­ture, cows in our fields (not schools) and farm­ers who help to look af­ter the coun­try­side. Treat­ing it as a busi­ness is fine to a cer­tain ex­tent but don’t for­get it is an­i­mals we are talk­ing about and they de­serve to be treated prop­erly while pro­duc­ing milk that we all need. ●● KING’S sub­mit­ted plans for a new school next to its cur­rent play­ing fields in Prest­bury (Ex­press, Sept 16) Yvonne Knowles: Wrong place for a school to be built, also the size they want to build. The road is not suit­able ei­ther. Pete Wat­son: Well at least peo­ple liv­ing on Coare Street won’t be com­plain­ing about peo­ple driv­ing up their road to get to the school any­more. Toni Kelly: They’ll be com­plain­ing when they want to build 200 houses on the old King’s site! Christina Webb: Def­i­nitely not on Green Belt land! Julie Thorp: Put it where there are al­ready 3 schools nearby and the traf­fic al­ready is chaos and dan­ger­ous. Great idea. Clint Chap­man: Give it a few years we will have another big eye­sore strewn across our lovely green land. Alex Law­ton Truswell Esq: Get those ob­jec­tions ready! Sara Si­mon: What’s wrong with the brown­field site across the river from Tesco Hi­bel Road? Yvonne Knowles: It’s not in Prest­bury then is it! Ian Har­ri­son: It’s just a field. Mau­reen Scott: Ab­so­lutely not nec­es­sary!!! Once green belt land is gone, it’s gone FOR­EVER! Ruth Garner: Why are peo­ple so keen to eat up our green and pleas­ant land! Christina Webb: For profit of course. If this goes ahead you can say good­bye to any green belt land sur­round­ing Mac­cles­field, Con­gle­ton, Crewe etc. Ally Ch­esworth: I have a dis­tinct feel­ing there may well be a few ob­jec­tions and jus­ti­fi­ably so!!! Chris Eif­flaen­der: NOPE! def­i­nitely not! Not on green belt! END OF!...... and I’m not be­ing funny but it’s not like King’s School’s ex­actly a di­lap­i­dated old build­ing where un­der­priv­i­leged kids strug­gle to get the best out of their en­vi­ron­ment with lit­tle re­sources is it??? .... ab­so­lutely lu­di­crous! Matt Wendy Brace­gir­dle: What’s wrong with the old build­ing? Why can’t they leave our green belt area alone. It’s not nec­es­sary for this.. ●● LOTS of our face­book fol­low­ers had some­thing to say about a plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion in Bolling­ton. The own­ers of the Bay Leaf wants to knock down the build­ing and build a big­ger res­tau­rant with a su­per­mar­ket un­der­neath. An­thony Gee: The owner wants to make a re­turn on their in­vest­ment, the lo­cals want the build­ing to re­main as is – per­haps the vil­lage should pur­chase the pub and run it for the ben­e­fit of the vil­lage? Plenty of ex­am­ples out there to show it could work. Emma Daw­son: Don’t think this should be knocked down, it’s a beau­ti­ful build­ing. There are al­ready tacky houses on the old Co-op site and the new one. Keep Bolling­ton the way it is x Wendy Not­man: Do not de­stroy this build­ing, we don’t need a su­per­mar­ket in Bolling­ton. Leave Bolling­ton as it is, a lovely vil­lage. James Michael Brown: With me not liv­ing in Bolling­ton cur­rently but I am Bolling­ton born I as­sume I can’t vote. Please vote No! My grand­par­ents ran this pub for years my ear­li­est mem­o­ries are there. And it will just cause con­ges­tion at that junction. Mar­tyn Ryan Heath: What dif­fer­ence will it make.....!? Re­becca Hulme: Shock­ing news!!! Dave Pater­son: Is this a listed build­ing ? Is the busi­ness us­ing this build­ing thriv­ing ? Does ev­ery­one in the vil­lage feel sat­is­fied with the fa­cil­i­ties at the late shop? Pam Oneinamil­lion Castle: Please do not knock down this lovely old build­ing. Emma Ed­wards: It’s part of Bolly history, do NOT knock it down! Jean Barnes: Don’t knock it down, turn it into hous­ing.

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