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with Nigel Read Q. Many years ago my hus­band and I made a will leav­ing ev­ery­thing to be shared equally be­tween our two daugh­ters, who were also named as ex­ecu­tors. The so­lic­i­tor at the time sug­gested he be named as a third ex­ecu­tor. Was this nec­es­sary?

A. There’s a long list of pos­si­ble rea­sons why your daugh­ters may need pro­fes­sional help when it comes to wind­ing up your af­fairs. The job of ex­ecu­tor is a po­si­tion of some re­spon­si­bil­ity, in­volv­ing a fair amount of work which may not be straight­for­ward. If your ex­ecu­tors do not carry out their du­ties prop­erly, they are per­son­ally li­able for any claims against the es­tate.

It’s not pos­si­ble to sec­ond guess your so­lic­i­tor’s in­ten­tions with­out know­ing more about you, but your daugh­ters may be able to deal with the es­tate ad­min­is­tra­tion them­selves and call in a so­lic­i­tor if they need le­gal as­sis­tance. You would have to al­ter your will ac­cord­ingly, or make a new one.


Q. Is there any­thing I can do about my neigh­bour’s leaky pipe which drains down the out­side of the wall, and which I’m sure is con­tribut­ing to my los­ing bat­tle against damp? It’s been like this for three years now and their prop­erty is cur­rently up for sale. The house is empty and the own­ers just pop in ev­ery now and again to show peo­ple round.

A. Since your neigh-

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