Late night gaz­ers are over the moon with lu­nar snaps!

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ASPOOKY blood­red su­per­moon fas­ci­nated stargaz­ers across Mac­cles­field.

Moon-spot­ters across the globe cap­tured im­ages of the rare phe­nom­e­non when a larger-than-av­er­age ‘su­per­moon’ coin- cided with a lu­nar eclipse. And keen astronomers in Mac­cles­field were among them, snap­ping the strange ce­les­tial event on cam­eras and smart­phones.

It started around 2am on Mon­day when the full moon was at its clos­est point to the Earth and ap­peared bright white, called a su­per­moon. Then there was a lu­nar eclipse which hap­pens when the Moon, Earth and Sun are in a straight line. The Earth blocks sun­light from reach­ing the Moon and casts a shadow on it.

The Moon went red for a cou­ple of hours be­cause of the re­flec­tion of sun­light on the earth’s at­mos­phere, prompt­ing the name ‘blood moon’.

This last hap­pened in 1982 and will not be re­peated un­til 2033.

El­lie Browne, of Bollinbrook, Mac­cles­field, took a pic­ture af­ter wak­ing up at 3am. She said: “I stayed awake un­til 3.40am when it was half­way through. It was beau­ti­ful to ex­pe­ri­ence, a nice mo­ment of re­flec­tion and quiet con­tem­pla­tion.”

●● This su­per im­age of the blood moon was taken from Teggs Nose by Mark Board­man

●● Steve Poyn­ton cap­tured a fad­ing blood moon

●● Ian McLel­lan took this su­per­size moon

●● El­lie Browne snapped this lu­nar ef­fort

●● Kim Richards caught part of the eclipse

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