See­ing what oth­ers do for folk is very in­spir­ing

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Name: Philip Hollinshead. Which or­gan­i­sa­tion are you in­volved with?: Com­mu­nity and Vol­un­tary Ser­vices (CVS) Cheshire East. What does the or­gan­i­sa­tion do?: CVS helps vol­un­tary and com­mu­nity groups in Cheshire East, giv­ing ad­vice and help to those that need it. It also helps vol­un­teers look­ing for vol­un­tary work and or­gan­i­sa­tions who need vol­un­teers. They have train­ing ses­sions for vol­un­teers and or­gan­i­sa­tions and gen­er­ally look af­ter the lo­cal sec­tor. How did you be­come a vol­un­teer?: A flyer was put through my let­ter­box, telling me about a vol­un­teer­ing project that CVS was run­ning and I thought it looked in­ter­est­ing so I rang them up. Which projects have you been in­volved with re­cently?: The CVS project was called Time­bank Cheshire East which I got the flyer for. It’s about peo­ple help­ing each other in their neigh­bour­hood. When you help some­one or vol­un­teer for some­one for an hour (or more) you earn one credit (or more) and you can spend that credit get­ting help from some­one else in the Time­bank group, it doesn’t have to be the same per­son. Time­bank is now set­ting up in Mac­cles­field in par­tic­u­lar so that it can fo­cus on one area and get more peo­ple in­volved, so that will be good. I would like to be in­volved as much as pos­si­ble be­cause I think it’s a crack­ing idea. What do you enjoy most about do­ing this?: Well, you get to meet dif­fer­ent peo­ple and have a chat and a brew. It all boils down to peo­ple be­ing on their own, who can’t get out and who are lonely. I have painted a fence, done some gar­den­ing and cleaned win­dows and in re­turn I have had meals cooked for me and I have had a pair of trousers taken up. It’s great help­ing oth­ers when you can and best of all you get to have a nice chat with peo­ple. What is your favourite place in Mac­cles­field?: The Bate Hall – I like to go in ev­ery now and then for a pint. Ideally how would you spend ev­ery day?: Go­ing out and meet­ing peo­ple, hav­ing a chat. I al­ways have a chat with peo­ple on the bus, it’s very in­ter­est­ing. What was the best hol­i­day you have en­joyed?: When my wife was alive we went to Bel­gium two or three times a year, on Bostock buses. We went to Brussels, Dunkirk and Bruges. Bruges was the best with the canals and the lace-making. If money were no ob­ject what would you do?: I’d do as much good as I could, there’s a lot that needs do­ing. I’d set up a char­ity to get driv­ers to take peo­ple on day trips. It’s so im­por­tant for peo­ple to get out. What one piece of ad­vice would you give?: Al­ways be friendly to your neigh­bours, get­ting on with your neigh­bours is very im­por­tant. What was your first job?: I was a gar­dener in a nurs­ery on the Chelford Road, near Great War­ford, What is on your CD / MP3 player?: Es­sen­tial Easy Lis­ten­ing Col­lec­tion. I love the last few pieces on it. What is your favourite TV show?: I don’t watch many shows, but I sup­pose it would be Heart­beat. What are you read­ing at the mo­ment?: ‘Tre­garon’s Daugh­ter’ by Made­line Brent. I like dra­mas and I like bi­ogra­phies too. What is your big­gest in­spi­ra­tion?: See­ing what other peo­ple do for folk. I read the Good Deeds sec­tion of the Metro news­pa­per and it’s all about peo­ple help­ing oth­ers, whether they are com­plete strangers, neigh­bours or fam­ily mem­bers. What peo­ple have done for oth­ers is in­spir­ing. Who would you like to in­vite to din­ner?: Any­one who would like to come for a nice chat.

Con­tact CVS Cheshire East via email at vol­un­teer­ingteam@ or tel 01625 428301.

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